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Electric Vehicles Utilize Photovoltaics for Significant Range Enhancement and Mechanically Harvesting Vehicles

LONDON, April 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- 45 EIVs and projects intended to lead to EIVs are profiled, identifying business opportunities such as the new types of photovoltaics and batteries coming in and where this is taking place. It is demonstrated that interest and achievement is fairly evenly split between land, water and air vehicles and the extremely broad variety of missions performed is identified. Which countries are in the lead and what comes next across the world is revealed.

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Here some key findings of the study:

·         Future trends in energy harvesting are clarified - such e-fibres to produce traction electricity from rain, wind or sun, and the new conformal, ultra-thin photovoltaics.

·         There is also appraisal of new types of energy storage, including supercapacitors and lithium-ion capacitors and the scope for making them into load-bearing structures.

·          For sailing boats, the rapid progress in using propellers that go backwards to generate electricity is evaluated.

·         Consideration of lightweighting even extends to structural electronics where the body of the vehicle is the electrics and electronics releasing space and weight and increasing reliability and life.

·         Lightweighting also includes ships harvesting oncoming waves to rise in the water reducing drag

·         Consideration of future powertrain efficiency includes the effect of multi-mode regenerative harvesting in the vehicles and the place of streamlining.

·         EIVs being autonomous is considered as a major synergy of technologies.

·         The system aspects are also considered plus the connected and dynamically charged vehicle as transitional products to EIVs.

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