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Electro Scan Inc. to Host Webinar on New Standards to Certify Wastewater Rehabilitation

SACRAMENTO, Calif., March 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Electro Scan Inc., an industry leader in sewer leak detection and pipeline rehabilitation certification, will host a free webinar on March 8th, New Standards for Rehabilitation Testing & Certification with Electro Scanning Inspection.

Broadcasted by Trenchless Technology, the webinar will feature Chuck Hansen, Chairman, and Mark Grabowski, Vice President of Electro Scan Inc.

Hansen and Grabowski are pioneers in the sewer and pipeline industry, specializing in the design and implementation of Electro Scanning Inspection equipment, services, and cloud applications.

They will discuss how new certification standards for wastewater rehabilitation are providing a repeatable and reliable way to test Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) liners before project acceptance.

"Many professionals are frustrated with defects and leaks in newly rehabilitated liners that are being overlooked or cannot be visually detected using CCTV cameras," says Hansen. "Ultimately, visual inspection leads cities to accept new and rehabilitated pipes with flaws that are not going to last their advertised useful life. We are excited to discuss how new certification and testing standards for wastewater rehabilitation with Electro Scanning Inspection will prevent bad pipes from going undetected. We want to give machine-intelligent decision power to Owners and Engineers, especially since we're finding that 69% of CIPP liners we have scanned have leaks!"

The new standards come from the Seventh Edition, Volume One, Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater Collection Systems manual.  A full chapter was added that recommends Electro Scanning Inspection, also referred to as Focused Electrode Leak Location (FELL) in numerous EPA documents, before and after rehabilitation because of its unique ability to provide an independent, unbiased, reliable, and repeatable water-tightness test for CIPP liners; before an Owner's acceptance and prior to warranty expiration.

Participants will learn:

1. Why CCTV inspection should not be used to accept CIPP lining projects.
2. How to implement new guidelines to use Electro Scanning Inspection to prioritize critical sewers by potential infiltration – measured in gallons per minute – before rehabilitation.
3. When sewer utilities should consider using Lateral Connection Liners - not necessarily for every service reinstatement.
4. What leading agencies are adding to rehab specifications to certify and accept lining, point repair, and new pipe installation projects.
5. How much leakage should be allowed in newly installed CIPP liners, and how to manage to a "zero" defect flow rating.

About Electro Scan Inc.
The Company develops and markets leak detection instrumentation, including cloud-computing applications that automatically locate, measure, and report defect flows in pre- and post-rehabilitated sewer, water, and gas pipes, not found by legacy inspection techniques.

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