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Elemental RP-1 is Yet Another Track Toy From Britain

Jeff Perez

Recently it seems like a number of track cars have been popping up in nearly every corner of the globe. Canada has the MK5, Mexico has the Vuhl 05, and of course, Britain has more than a handful of tracksters. But this time, the UK is about to get a unique track car built by some of racing’s best hands.

It’s called the Elemental RP-1, and it’s a two-seat, road-legal track toy developed by former McLaren F1 racing engineers. It’s nearly to make its world debut at Goodwood later this year, but not before it makes its web debut courtesy of a few teaser shots.

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Elemental RP-1 2

The RP-1 will come pre-loaded with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine pushing out 276 horsepower. Weighing in at only 992 lbs (450 kg), that makes it one of the lighter track cars on the market.

The car will also feature a fully independent suspension, and a nifty little feature that lets you watch display cameras mounted on the exterior of the car, sort of like a video game.

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Elemental RP-1 3

As mentioned, it’s making its official debut at Goodwood, and then its heading for production sometime in 2015. Let’s see if yet another track toy can stand out in this increasingly saturated market.

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