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Elev8 Brands, Inc. Expands Into New Markets and Introduces Two New CBD Infused Beverages

 CBD Iced Tea and Iced Coffee Set to Make Record Sales

ORLANDO, Fla., March 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE -- Elev8 Brands, Inc. (VATE) a holding company focused on commercial development of hemp and cannabinoid infused beverages as well as an array of CBD topicals and tinctures, announces the release of two new CBD infused drinks and further expansion into the highly competitive United States beverage market.

The company's CBD products have made new forays into a variety of marketplaces across the U.S. Recently, it has expanded its influence to Vitamin Plus in Texas, 2 locations of Foodies Market in Massachusetts, Seaside Market in California, and 4-Way Market in Tennessee. As its incredible sales team expands and grows revenues, Elev8 Hemp is quickly entering new markets and increasing its brand recognition, product awareness, and in-store demand.

Elev8 Hemp's first new product is a ready-to-drink CBD Infused Iced Tea in a bottle. An initial run of 30,000 of the new CBD Infused Iced Tea will begin shipping out to retailers and customers by the beginning of April. The second new product is ready-to-drink CBD Infused Iced Coffee in a can. An initial 30,000 unit run of Elev8 Hemp's CBD Iced Coffee will start shipping in April. While preorders for the CBD Iced Tea are currently available, CBD Iced Coffee preorders will begin on April 5th.

Elev8 Hemp's CEO Ryan Medico said, "We are so excited to release these new products. We've had an excellent reception from many distributors and customers who are anxiously awaiting samples once the products are ready to ship. Chex Finer Foods has already reached out from the CHEXPO summer selling event and plan to place their first purchase order by the end of the month. We are expecting to have a record month in sales."

Elev8 Hemp currently has orders from 2 distributors and also has 4 other distributors awaiting samples. On Elev8 Hemp's website, there was over $1500 in revenue within the first 12 hours of availability, showcasing the high demand that exists for these kinds of CBD infused beverage products.

As the company undergoes its year end audit, it can assure that revenues from 2018 exceeded $350,000. This first quarter, the company is projecting over $100,000 before the introduction of the highly anticipated ready-to-drink CBD infused beverages.

Those interested in trying the CBD Infused Iced Tea can preorder here. Those interested in learning the benefits of hemp and hemp products a can learn more on Elev8 Hemp's website. For further information about these two new products, contact Elev8 Hemp by calling (407) 377-6693 or emailing at Info@elev8hemp.com

About Elev8 Brands, Inc.:

Elev8 Brands, Inc. specializes in the development and marketing of products for the fitness and wellness markets. The company is founded based on creating high-quality, sustainable, products for health-conscious consumers.

About Elev8 Hemp LLC:

Elev8 Hemp LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elev8 Brands, Inc. which focuses on the development and marketing of hemp-based food, beverage, and health care products including hemp coffee and hemp tea.

About 02 Breathe LLC:

02 Breathe is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elev8 Brands, Inc. which focuses on their oxygen bar while bringing in an array of CBD products. O2 Breathe carries CBD tinctures, CBD vape, CBD lotions and massage products. 02 Breathe is currently looking to offer CBD at their oxygen bar.

About Zoe CBD LLC:

Zoe CBD is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elev8 Brands, Inc. which focuses on the development and marketing of CBD-based products such as CBD Tinctures, CBD E-Juice, CBD Lotion and CBD Salve.

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