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The Elie Hirschfeld Foundation Announces Major Donation in Support of New York University's Family Defense Center

Commitment Creates Elie Hirschfeld Family Defense Fellowship Seeking Accountability for New York City Family Courts.

NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Elie Hirschfeld Foundation has committed to major support of NYU's Family Defense Center through the creation of the Elie Hirschfeld Family Defense Fellowship. The position, awarded to an attorney working with FDC cases, is intended to improve the legal representation for parents in children's welfare situations and improve outcomes in the family court system.

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The FDC's first fellow, Amy Mulzer, has recently accomplished work that's already achieved a major victory in the NYS Appellate Courts. There, a decision was made that voided several practices that inhibited the ability of children to reunite with their families after being placed in foster homes. Additionally, a major new study with broad implications for children's welfare practices published in Children and Youth Services Review, was conducted by NYU School of Law Family Defense Clinic and Action Research.

"The subject is quite important and dear to me," says Mr. Hirschfeld. "I know people in divorce cases who have been caught up in a child welfare system that doesn't devote enough attention to the need to try to keep a family together. There's a lot of suffering at all ends of the economic spectrum as a result of removal of children from parents." The funding and the fellowship will ultimately aim to increase accountability for NYC's family courts, which are often given final say on decisions in children's foster care cases.

This donation builds on the Foundation's previous related efforts in support of NYU's Family Defense Clinic and children's welfare. Earlier this year, NYU co-sponsored the first annual Elie Hirschfeld Symposium on Child Welfare, where distinguished panelists met to address racial injustice within the child welfare system, and how to create change from a systemic level.

About the Elie Hirschfeld Foundation:  

Elie Hirschfeld views philanthropy as the voluntary promotion of human welfare. With values centered on community enhancement and support, the Foundation has identified four key areas of giving: Education, Healthcare, Jewish Causes, and Athletics. Mr. Hirschfeld's intent is that ongoing contributions will enhance, promote and grow organizations that make a positive impact on individuals and their larger communities. With a personal history of giving that goes back to his years as a student serving as President of Brown University's Hillel chapter, Elie has remained inspired by that organization's commitment to enriching the Jewish people and repairing the world. Elie believes that giving back to the community, and to humanity, provides personal as well as societal enrichment. He created the Elie Hirschfeld Foundation as a means of expanding his efforts.

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