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Elijah Victorson launches "Last Sportsman", a blog on longer stamina products for men

Sportsman Elijah Victorson launches website that provides tips on more energy, stamina and how to treat low endurance.

Los Angeles, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 21, 2014 / The new site, which was just launched by Elijah Victorson, reviews natural herbal products that can increase stamina and endurance.

Besides reviewing the best stamina products on the market, his website also provides unique techniques, tips and reviews that can help men develop more stamina.

Elijah says "I am a sportsman and a marathon runner. I've experienced low stamina problems in the past and several athletes and guys have also shared their problems and issues with me. Physical stamina, hitting harder and lasting longer seems to be the primary concern for all these males. While most men in general try to seek out quick fix or tricks assuming that by just taking some vitamins or vitality supplement, they can build more stamina which is ridiculous. The hard fact is there is no magic pill and it requires some training of body and mind. Merely taking some multi-vitamins won't cut it. There are some powerful effective herbal ingredients that can make you gain more energy naturally but understanding the working mechanism of these supplements is crucial for someone to gain any benefit."

Among the key tips Elijah shares include:

1). Practice meditation - Elijah teaches how to learn from the Buddhist secret art of meditation therapy to take control of the body. "Buddhist monks have awesome potential," says the website. "If they went to Olympics or a marathon event, they'll totally kill it. In fact, they would probably be successful in all aspects of life, no matter what position they are put in, be it career, job, love life, sports, exercise, romance, marriage, art, creativity, relationship. They would probably be amazing entrepreneurs or even amazing lovers." According to Elijah, meditation helps control the mind and helps connect to the unconscious by maintaining a parasympathetic state. He who controls his mind knows how to control his life. Practicing and mastering this simple fact can strengthen the body and mind, and will best assist anyone in performing better in everything, a quality that will last a lifetime.

2). Self-assurance and Serenity- Self confidence is the door to ultimate freedom, says Elijah. It plays a role in enhancing overall performance, and the way one sees himself as a primal man and Serenity is a way to stay in parasympathetic state longer. Prolonging parasympathetic (PE) state is all about the confidence you exert and maintaining relaxation and not letting go of energy too quickly. It controls dopamine and serotonin which eventually controls energy and endurance.

3). Use tested, high quality natural foods or herbal supplements that are focused on increasing energy and blood circulation. Elijah reviews a variety of strength, stamina, sports performance and endurance products including: muira puama rx, cdp choline, tyrosine, L-Arginine Rx, arginmax, Stamina Zyrexin, Epimedium Extract, Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa PE Extract, Ginkgo Extract pills, Avanafil virility, Cnidium Extract, Velvet Bean Potency Extract, Butea Superba PE Extract (Tubers), Viramax Beds, stop rx, dapoxetine, stamina products, Irwin naturals, vigor 25, veromax hours, ginseng bed, alpha zyrexin plus, stimulin shoot, and viacyn to name a few.

Elijah says, "I've been researching on the subject of stamina and endurance for sportsmen for the past couple of years and am condensing all my experience on my blog. I consider every aspect of my life as a competitive sport be it career, job, love life, travel or even relaxing in bed. I am an "efficiency" addict so I try to find out how to make everything work better, even if it's as simple as getting a good night sleep in bed. I'll be soon launching an ebook for sportsmen. Watch out for release."

About Elijah Victorson and

Elijah Victorson is a professional athlete, fitness trainer and a marathon runner and a highly sought-after coach for healthy and injured athletes alike. Elijah has helped athletes at all levels - from youth sports to the professional ranks - achieve their highest levels of performance in a variety of sports. is a sports blog that gives out unique training tips for men. To learn more, visit:


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