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Elite Media Communications Continues Development Cycle.

Wauwatosa, April 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Elite Media Communications Continues Development Cycle. Wauwatosa, WI. April 2018- With the second quarter in full swing, Elite Media Communications reflects back on the last 7 years and the success they have seen. President Leigh Jackson begins by addressing this success with the primary piece that has allowed them to grow, and that is their organic growth and promotions only from within.

Elite Media Communications is a direct marketing company that works with National Retailers as well as Fortune 100 companies and over the years has continued to expand as an organization as well as with their client base. With growing clientele, the need to develop and train more managers within the company is on the rise. Jackson said there is a drastic difference in the development and mentality within companies who hire outside management versus companies that only promote from within. When asked about current growth, Leigh said “I think starting entry level had been an intricate part of helping grow because it allows me to have the ability to relate to everyone in my business. In most companies, because upper level management hasn’t spent a month, let alone a day, in the shoes of its staff, there’s disconnect that forms. Thankfully, starting entry level warrants that credibility and keeps your staff motivated.”

Jackson started as an entry level client representative in California 7 years ago and said that without the growth and development learned from hard-work, trial and error, as well as constant networking, he would not have made it to the position he is in today. Starting as an entry level client representative allows the individual to learn direct marketing as well as understand how and where profit is generated for the company. After entry level, the client representatives are able to begin developing leadership and management skills by interviewing and training as account managers. These two positions are critical to the overall growth of the individual. Relatability from Management to entry level is what allows Elite Media Communications to continue to thrive todays work force. Mike Shields, the assistant director with Elite Media said, “Your mentality is key to having repeated success.” This mentality is developed through the training Jackson has laid out for his employees and will continue to teach all who join the team in the future.

To learn more about the continued growth of Elite Media Communications , or become a part of the team, please contact us at (414) 778-0179 or visit us at www.elitemediacommunications.com