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Elizabeth Otis, Founder of BLIVE, is Determined to Reach 7 Billion People With the Power of NLP and Quantum Physics in Order to Educate Others on How to Consciously Fulfill Their Highest Purpose

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 31, 2020 / Elizabeth Otis, a dynamic hypnotherapist and student of neuroscience created the BLIVE movement in order to help the people of this planet consciously create fulfilling lives.

Through personal tenacious study to answer the question, "Why do things in life work the way they do?", and through undergoing a spiritual transformation, she discovered how to consciously create her own reality. Otis unearthed what her life purpose is, and she consciously created her lifestyle through subconscious reprogramming. Her hope is to expand the movement throughout the entire world and impact 7 billion people.

Growing up, Otis experienced both worlds. She began with the experience of what seemed like a perfect family and had more than anything she needed. Then, overnight, financial reversal affected her family adversely. Suddenly, there was not enough food on the table, she only had one pair of jeans, and her family was continually moving. When she was only 6 years old, Otis bought some string with money that she and her sister searched for on the ground. She made bracelets and went door to door selling them. This brought in some essential cash and the opportunity to purchase things she needed. As a kid, she continued her efforts through lemonade stands and selling homemade crafts. Although she worked hard, eventually, her family was homeless. By age 8, she was living with her Grandmother because her Mother had to leave to work in the city and her Dad was out of the picture struggling with addiction. Times were hard and Otis was a distressed teenager. Struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts, she began doing drugs herself and stealing to resell in order to survive. Through all of the ups and downs she never gave up the goal of wanting to help change her family's financial situation, but in this moment she understood poverty as her reality. There was not enough money.

As she approached adulthood, and after so many years of hard work, Otis did see progress, but never really much of a true breakthrough. She became a part of a marketing firm and started her own business, but, despite how many hours she worked, who she networked with, or what amazing strategy she had, she was still stuck, living the same life financially and emotionally. At the age of 18 Otis found a mentor who taught her about the impact of personal development like visualization, meditation, and how binaural beats can have an influence in one's success. She tenaciously studied neuroscience, the laws of the universe, and subconscious programming. Seeing firsthand what a dramatic difference it made in her life, she grew into the studies of human programming and how it works in harmony with the energetic forces of the universe. Her spiritual awakening is what sparked her passion of helping others in a holistic way. That watershed moment came eating at a Dunkin Donuts one day. She was observing the employees who were clearly stressed at rush hour and she realized right then that she wanted these people to have the same information she has so that they wouldn't need to work at Dunkin Donuts the rest of their lives if they did not want to. This steered into the movement she started, BLIVE, and she authored her second book, currently available on Amazon, Reinvent Yourself: Achieving the Impossible Using Science. Three key points Otis promotes in her book are:

1. Alignment is most important. She tells others to not burn themselves out by overworking strategizing, & networking etc. "It doesn't matter how hard you work or what strategy you have or who you know if your energy programming is out of alignment from the reality that you want. Stop running around like crazy- get your energy/alignment right and then put that into action, or you won't get the results you're looking for".

2. Learn to utilize the (RAS) reticular activating system. TheRAS can help you see what you would like to see and thereby influence your actions and enable the Law of Attraction. "People can be blind to real life objects that may be beneficial to helping them achieve what they are after. Our eyes pick up millions of pixels of information every second but can only consciously see up to 200 pixels based on their own programming or frequency."

3. Everything is achievable under the Universal Laws. "Perception and energy first and then action. The Laws of the Universe teach us that there are multiple realities all going on at once and available to you in this given moment. What determines what you experience is your own personal frequency, which is made up of your thoughts, feelings, and actions."

Today, Otis wants to draw attention to the BLIVE movement. The "B" stands for "BE totally fulfilled", to be totally fulfilled and live! She wants others to understand that they too can be a conscious creator.

"Thoughts and feelings create perception, which leads to the type of action we take, which leads to our entire experience. If you take a hold of your thoughts and feelings, then anything is possible or achievable. You want to have a sense of purpose in life because experiencing that is what will fulfill you the most."

Learning how to find your life purpose, dream big in a way that gets you beyond excited to live life, and how to reprogram your subconscious mind in order to achieve that experience is what Elizabeth and the BLIVE movement is all about.

Alongside her book, Otis also has a YouTube channel with more than 100 videos that you can access and a BLIVE Facebook Group. The Facebook Group is there to connect all of the members from the BLIVE movement and form a family-like community. Each and every day there are free tools and teachings being given away in the group on how to reprogram the subconscious mind, learn about the laws of the universe, and other lessons on simply how to live a fulfilling life, all backed up by science. So, whether you're looking for help emotionally/spirituality, or mentally/physically, the BLIVE movement is a place where you can experience that today.

Presently, Otis is in the midst of a major project to help teach these principles to inmates incarcerated across our nation's jails by providing her book to them for free. She has a GoFundMe set up where you can find all of the details and read about her why. Her project is still in need of a ton of help in raising the funds for the project, so with that donations and help spreading awareness are highly appreciated.

As an International author and speaker, who came from nothing and spent years looking for success, Otis wants you to know you do not need to give up. Her BLIVE mission is to inspire you with her success that you too can find personal fulfillment and achievement.

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