Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Other Billionaires Outrageously Lavish Purchases That Will Make Your Head Spin

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Tech billionaires are known for their lavish lifestyles and extravagant spending habits. Many of these tycoons turned their startups into some of the biggest companies in the world resulting in billions of dollars in personal wealth accumulation.

When you have more money than you could ever spend in a lifetime, it's not uncommon to splurge on some pretty outrageous things. These tech tycoons have spared no expense when it comes to living the high life. From owning a car that can go from land to water to a 14-foot pickled shark that is more contemporary art than aquatic creature, these purchases may seem absurd to mere mortals. But to the wealthy elite, they are just another way to flex their impressive bank accounts.

While it’s possible for everyday investors to invest in startups, it’d likely take a while to touch their level of wealth.

Elon Musk: What do you do when you have more money than you know what to do with? If you're Elon Musk, you buy a submarine car from a James Bond movie. The Tesla and SpaceX boss dropped a cool $1 million on the car from “The Spy Who Loved Me”. Why buy a regular car when you can have one that can go underwater? Who knows, maybe he's planning on starring in his own Bond flick next.

Jeff Bezos: Move over, Guggenheim, there's a new museum in town, and it's Amazon.com Inc. CEO Jeff Bezos' home. One of the world's richest men reportedly bought a museum in Washington, D.C., and turned it into his personal residence after shelling out a whopping $23 million for the property. But that's not all — Bezos also reportedly spent an additional $12 million on renovations to make the space his own. Talk about living in luxury!

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Larry Page: Google Co-Founder Larry Page splurged on a fancy yacht named Senses. The $45 million yacht is so loaded with bells and whistles, it could make James Bond jealous. With a helipad, 10 luxurious suites and jet skis at his disposal, it's no wonder Page is always in high spirits. It looks like this billionaire has found the perfect escape from the stresses of Silicon Valley.

Jack Ma: Jack Ma doesn’t seem to be feeling the pinch of Hong Kong's exorbitant real estate prices, with reports suggesting that he's the unnamed buyer of a $191 million property in The Peak, one of the city’s upscale neighborhoods. While many are busy counting their pennies, the Alibaba co-founder is splurging on one of Asia's premium homes like it's nothing. Looks like it's good to be the richest man in China.

Bill Gates: When you're a billionaire, there's no limit to what you can buy. And Microsoft Corp. Co-Founder Bill Gates is no exception. While some of his fellow tech billionaires may opt for yachts or submarines, Gates splurged on a private jet. But not just any private jet. This is a Boeing 757 that's larger than most commercial jets. The jet is worth an estimated $70 million and is equipped with luxurious amenities, including a master bedroom, dining room and movie theater. It seems like Gates knows how to travel in style!

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Carlos Slim: Carlos Slim’s Museo Soumaya is where it's at. This Mexican telecom tycoon has a collection of over 65,000 pieces of artwork, and he's not keeping them hidden away in some boring old warehouse. Slim spent $800 million on a museum to showcase them all to the world. The building itself is a masterpiece, with a unique design that'll make your jaw drop. It's packed with artwork from legendary artists like Auguste Rodin, Salvador Dalí, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo and Tintoretto. Slim is basically living the dream of every art lover.

Steven Cohen: Billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen took contemporary art collecting to the next level by buying a 14-foot tiger shark preserved in alcohol and formaldehyde. The unique artwork, called “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living,” was originally purchased by art mogul Charles Saatchi for $93,000 in 1992. But when Cohen had his eye on it, the price tag skyrocketed to an undisclosed amount that some speculate to be between $8 million and $12 million.

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