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Elon Musk said Tesla's $35,000 Model 3 would arrive by the end of 2018. Here's why experts say that probably won't happen. (TSLA)

Mark Matousek
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    The big shocker here is that these people that likely pre-ordered pretty early in the queue are going to get their vehicles after the governments big electric car rebate expires. Each manufacturer only gets to apply the rebate to the first 200,000 vehicles. A point Tesla is quickly approaching.
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    Tesla thanks all the early reservation that paid $1,000 loans for the base $35K M3 that will NEVER be built in time to qualify for the $7,500 Fed tax credit.
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    Why it may not happen is that Tesla has never made a goal on time. Secondly they made 5000 cars a week by sacrificing quality. They are now at around 4200 a week (still good for Tesla). But if they are waiting to be profitable before they start making the $35k car it'll be summer of next year (or later). If it's in the second quarter then you only get 1/4 of the $7500 rebate. By July it'll be gone.
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    $35,000 Model 3 ?
    With $24K you could buy a brand new toyota Camry or Honda sedan with the same emissions footprint, 500 pounds lighter weight, bulletproof reliability, safety, thousands of dealers, and good for half a million miles...
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    I got my money back . Promised date of delivery for my Model 3 order was 4th quarter 2018. They still have 45,000 deliveries ahead of me. My friends Model 3 was in the Tesla service center for 3 weeks of first month ownership.
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    I was in line early putting my $1,000 down for a $35,000 Tesla. It was like standing in line at an exclusive nigh club where the guy holding the clipboard keeps letting in those that just drive up willing to slip the guy another $20,000 for a $55,000 T3. I gave up.
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    How about Tesla focus on making and affordable car and not focus so much on all the bells and whistles. I mean, who needs all that high tech?? Give me an affordable electric car with traditional displays, AC and a a radio. Sell it cheap and offer upgrades like all the digital stuff and tech features. The Model 3 should not even cost $35K. Should be in the same price range as the Prius - Mid 20's nicely equipped.
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    Musk does tend to over promise. Still, what he has done with Tesla and SpaceX has been amazing.
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    When will the Tesla bass boat be available?
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    I can by in and out of a gas station in about 11 minutes.......how long to sit around waiting to recharge in a EV. ? On my round trip to work each day I don't even pass a charging station. No convenience there...... I'll wait until the car charges it's own battery, like it should when it's moving.