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Counting On Reveals Joy-Anna Duggar's Dramatic Birth to Son Gideon

Christina Oehler
All the details of the 20-year-old's journey as she gave birth.

This week's Counting On episode gave a very personal look into the emotional birth of Joy-Anna Duggar's son. (Because we all know how you were clamoring for it.)

The reality star, 20, gave birth to her and her husband, 24-year-old Austin Forsyth's first child, Gideon Martyn Forsyth, on February 23. Gideon was born measuring weighing 10 lbs., 3 oz. and 22 inches long. Originally, the new-mom had planned on having a home birth, as she explained, "It's more comfortable being at home—I really wanted to just try it."

The episode revealed clips of a very pregnant Joy-Anna while she was in labor, surrounded by the support of her sisters, Jana and Johanna, and her husband. "Come on baby," Austin says in the episode. "Moan or breathe it out."

But like many pregnancies, her experience didn't go exactly as planned. Joy-Anna opted for a hospital birth, and after 20 hours in labor, it was determined by the midwife that baby Gideon was in breech. Her father, Jim Bob, texted the rest of the family about the news, and shortly after, Joy-Anna was wheeled into surgery as she told the camera, "Love you guys. Thank you for your prayers."

The young mom had to give birth via emergency C-section, and though the cameras did not film the operation itself, they did capture some of the audio from the moment—which included baby Gideon's first cries.

"Well we're getting ready to meet our grandbaby. Hear it was a big one—10 pounds three ounces!" Jim Bob said as he and the rest of the family waited to meet the newborn.

The episode also revealed that Joy-Anna and Austin had not yet decided on a name for Baby Forsyth, and Joy-Anna added that the two were "just calling him baby for now." She previously said that she and her husband wouldn't reveal their potential baby names to anyone. "We don't want their opinion—who needs their opinion?" With Austin chiming in shortly after, "Well we're going to say it nicer than that."

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The new mom said that her baby looked a lot like both his mother and father. "I think he has a pretty good mix. He's got Austin's nostrils," she said before admitting, "He's huge!"

Though her pregnancy ended with a healthy baby boy, the reality star admitted that the journey wasn't an easy one. "It has been challenging because there are a lot of new emotions and hormones and things I've never had before," she said. "Austin's been very gracious with me because I feel like I've been on an emotional rollercoaster."

The supportive dad chimed in, saying to his wife, "You've been amazing."