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Email Broadcast Expert Ken Mahar Helps Businesses Step Up Their Email Marketing Game

·3 min read

Ken Mahar, Founder and CEO of Email Broadcast, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Marketing Podcast.

Ken Mahar was interviewed on the Mission Matters Marketing Podcast by Adam Torres.

Ken Mahar, Founder and CEO of Email Broadcast, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Marketing Podcast.
Ken Mahar, Founder and CEO of Email Broadcast, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Marketing Podcast.
Ken Mahar, Founder and CEO of Email Broadcast, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Marketing Podcast.

Beverly Hills, Oct. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ken Mahar supports business owners with a powerful tool: email marketing, helping them reach and serve their customers more effectively through his full-service email marketing agency, Email Broadcast.

Listen to the full interview of Ken Mahar with Adam Torres on Mission Matters Marketing Podcast.

How did Email Broadcast get its start?

Mahar’s introduction to entrepreneurship took place at age 12 as he did odd jobs. Later, when he became a salesperson, his mind would wander into the realms of leadership and management. At some point, he decided he'd run his own show.

“Learning the craft of sales pushed me in the right direction and helped me get my way around Email Broadcast”, Mahar says. “Understanding the steps of sales and product details, handling objections, strategizing, dealing with competition, and practicing it all consistently is the key to achieve tenfold excellence in the marketing journey.”

How has email marketing evolved in the last few years?

“It’s funny how in the last 20 years of my exposure to the email marketing industry, I’ve seen things changing and still find everything the same,” Mahar notes. “People thought emails would die in the wake of new platforms. Turns out, a major percentage of business communications still happen via email.”

The biggest change Ken sees is how tech innovations and advancements like professional ESPs (email service providers) have made email marketing much easier than it used to be.

Common mistakes businesses make in email marketing

Mahar says people tend to underestimate the amount of effort it takes to conceive and execute an effective email marketing plan. What’s more, they often dive into email marketing without aligning their strategy with their business goals.

Another mistake people make, Ken says, is thinking of email marketing only as a sales channel.

“First, you need to deliver value to your audience and build trust and high engagement,” he says. “Sending back-to-back sales pitches does not get positive results. Businesses exploit their privilege of having email subscribers by overdoing the promotions, just at the (slightest) hint of positive outcomes, and miss the opportunities.”

What does Email Broadcast do?

“At Email Broadcast, I have curated a team of experts in every area—from brand and product research, development, and positioning to copywriting, designing, technical integration, account management, and project management. We execute every detail of the campaign precisely and remain accountable to our clients for the success of an email campaign,” Mahar says.

Who can benefit from the email marketing services of Email Broadcast?

“If you’re running a business, and you don’t leverage professional email marketing, you’re losing money,” Mahar advises. “Every company that can invest in email marketing to grow (its) revenues should design a world-class email campaign with us.”

What’s next for the company?

When asked what’s up ahead for Email Broadcast, Mahar says, “Email marketing is a vast marketing medium. We’re focused on it for the last two decades because we are thoroughly aware of the challenges and functions of the job. Since it’s our specialization, we wish to keep perfecting our craft for the decades to come and become one of the greatest email marketing agencies.”

To learn more about Email Broadcast, visit emailbroadcast.com to book a free 20-minute consultation call with Ken’s team or sign up for the agency’s newsletter via ken@email broadcast.com.

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