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EMC Leads the Market in the Total Disk Storage System Space

Adam Rogers

Analysts Expect EMC's Revenues to Rise to $7.1 Billion in 4Q15

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Worldwide enterprise storage systems revenue rose 2.8%

According to the International Data Corporation (or IDC), revenues for total worldwide enterprise storage systems rose 2.8% YoY (year-over-year) in 3Q15, to $9.1 billion. In comparison, revenues in this segment were $8.9 billion in 3Q14.

Total capacity shipments rose 31.5% YoY to 33.1 exabytes in 3Q15. IDC also noted that revenue growth was the highest in the ODM (original design manufacturer) subsector, which sells directly to hyperscale data centers. This subsector rose 23.4% YoY to $1.3 billion in 3Q15.

Performances of other subsectors in 3Q15

The server-based storage segment rose 9.9% YoY in 3Q15, accounting for revenues of $2.1 billion. As shown in the previous part, external storage systems was the largest subsector, with revenues of $5.8 billion, representing a fall of 3.1% YoY.

“The enterprise storage market continued to follow a consistent trend in the third quarter of 2015,” said Liz Conner, a research manager at IDC. “Spending on traditional external arrays declined during the quarter as infrastructure refresh, coupled with the demand for software-defined storage and cloud-based storage, drove investments more heavily in server-based storage and hyperscale infrastructure.”

EMC continued as the top player in 3Q15, with a share of 18.4% and revenues of $1.7 billion in the worldwide disk storage market. In comparison, revenues were $1.8 billion and EMC had a market share of 20.5% in 3Q14. Other major players include Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), Dell, NetApp (NTAP), and IBM (IBM), with shares of 16.3%, 9.9%, 7.1%, and 6.4%, respectively, in 3Q15.

EMC constitutes 3.9% of the First Trust ISE Cloud Computing ETF (SKYY).

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