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Emerging Markets Report: Perfect Timing

ORLANDO, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 10, 2019 / Breaking news from cannabis testing lab company, DigipathInc. (DIGP) yesterday regardingthe joint filing of a provisional patent to genetically distinguish IndustrialHemp from Drug-Type Cannabis in the field certainly creates an intriguing new market opportunity for a Company looking to rapidly expand its testing business domestically and internationally. Industry publications like High Times havealready reported how confusion and uncertainty by law enforcement in identifying what type of cannabis plant they are examining has led to arrests and confiscations for what was legal hemp.

In late February, as Drs. Orser and Henry were putting the final touches on the joint provisional patent application, the United States Drug Enforcement Agency put out a Requestfor Proposal (RFP) for a field testing kit. A simple review of Digipath's patent application reads as if the DEA was reading their minds.

The market for field cannabis and hemp testing is vast. Anyone growing hemp, shipping hemp, buying and selling hemp, and producers making hemp based CBD products as well as local and federal law enforcement including the DEA can all benefit from a quick and easy genetic-based identifier. In fact, they are asking for one now. Cultivators will now be able to determine if in fact they are growing industrial hemp or high CBD cannabis plants. This will allow for more educated farmers and a more educated consumer.

For some time, Digipath and their partners at VSSL had been looking to provide a solution in the marketplace, a more portable and expeditious way to provide some certainty about the inherent genetics of a plant sample. VSSL brings to the partnership a Cannabis technology company focusing on the development of diagnostic molecular markers to further understanding of the Cannabis-Human relationship. Philippe Henry, PhD, the Chief Scientific Officer at VSSL is a Population Geneticist and Cannasseur and has been working with Digipath's Chief Science Officer Dr. Cindy Orser for the past year.

What neither Digipath or VSSL could have contemplated in their push to market was a massive new potential customer entering with a pronounced interest in gaining clarity as to what they were surveying in the field when confronted with a sample that needs identifying.

While the RFP process can be uncertain and lengthy, Digipath and VSSL look forward to submitting proposals to the proper governmental agencies to help address this new market opportunity that could be substantive.

And in the meantime, Digipath and VSSL will continue to develop the field-testing kit for launch sometime later this year. Hindsight will say that their timing was just about perfect.

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About Digipath, Inc. & Digipath Labs, Inc.

Digipath, Inc. supports the cannabis industry's best practices for reliable testing, data acquisition, cannabis education and training, and brings unbiased cannabis news coverage to the cannabis industry. Digipath Labs provides pharmaceutical-grade analysis and testing to the cannabis industry to ensure producers, consumers, and patients know exactly what is in the cannabis they ingest and to help maximize the quality of its client's products through analysis, research, development, and standardization.

About VSSL

VSSL is a Cannabis technology company focusing on the development of diagnostic molecular markers to further our understanding of the Cannabis-Human relationship, through advanced breeding of targeted chemical profiles and the development of advanced cultivation, extraction and delivery pipelines.

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