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Emerging Markets Report: Technology to help get the Pandemic Under Kontrol

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Kontrol Energy Corp. And Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC.
·5 min read
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An Emerging Markets News Commentary

ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A recent report in Canada’s The Globe and Mail sends a strong signal that it is time for governments and businesses to get smarter and safer amid the danger of the global COVID-19 pandemic. While a sober call-out, the report does display an urgent need for companies like Kontrol Energy Corp (CSE:KNR) (OTCQB:KNRLF), a Canadian public company and a leader in smart buildings and cities technology.

According to the The Globe and Mail, “The country, as a whole, and each province is not doing enough to acknowledge aerosol transmission of COVID-19 and promoting the appropriate measures to combat it, such as (improved) ventilation and informing people about the risks of being in indoor spaces with multiple people.”

But what if there were a device that could detect the actual presence of COVID-19 in the shared air? What if you could know if your building was safe or not safe in real time?

Kontrol Energy Corp, as reported in September of 2020, announced that the company has launched its BioCloud technology, an unobtrusive wall-mounted technology which detects the presence of COVID-19 in the air and triggers a silent alert system to provide real time notifications of the pathogen’s presence to facility managers, with the aim of allowing outbreaks to be contained before they occur. Immediate applications include schools, offices, hospitals, long term care facilities and mass transit vehicles including planes, trains and buses. BioCloud represents a game changer in the fight against COVID-19.

Hard to get past the line which says, ‘with the aim of allowing outbreaks to be contained before they occur.’

Because of the devastation of the pandemic we will avoid the hyperbolic descriptors that might otherwise accompany this technology. Simply click on the link above or visit www.kontrolbiocloud.com and read about the technology on your own.

Since September Kontrol has made great progress to launch the BioCloud technology including receiving funding from the Canadian government, setting up important distribution agreements and announcing initial sales as well as filing 3 US Patents and 1 Canadian Patent.

It goes without saying that a technology like BioCloud could very well be a bridge to a fully deployed vaccine and helping get a horrible global pandemic under control.

Recurring Revenue Potential

Kontrol’s BioCloud is designed with a replaceable detection chamber which must be replaced when the virus is detected. This creates an interesting recurring revenue opportunity for the company.

Applications Beyond COVID-19

As Kontrol has previously announced, at the heart of the BioCloud technology is a viral detection chamber which has been optimized to identify for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Kontrol has also previously stated that it can optimize the detection chamber for other viruses as may be required in the future.

We think the concept of every building having a viral detection as part HVAC and air quality systems is reasonable given the importance of managing viral spread.

That’s a very big market opportunity globally for Kontrol to execute in.

About Kontrol

Simply put, Kontrol Energy provides a combination of software, hardware, and service solutions to its customers to improve energy management, air quality and continuous emission monitoring.

And its primary market is buildings. Big buildings.

North American buildings waste up to $60 billion in energy every year. Worse yet, buildings account for up to 40% of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

As the Company’s website declares, “It’s time for buildings to be Smarter.”

Truth is, buildings that aren’t “connected” are the same buildings they were decades ago. They provide the basics: shelter, temperature control and safety at the same efficiency level for years. But newer buildings, or older structures that have been converted to smart buildings, can evolve to meet the economic challenges of rising energy costs and GHG emissions. They can be living organisms connected to a network with intelligent and adaptable solutions and technologies.

Kontrol provides this technology in an adaptable, highly proprietary method that treats each situation uniquely.

For us, it is the technology out of Kontrol that really stands out with the tremendous opportunity to make buildings better.

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