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Emerging Phone BuyBack Company Gives Biggest Bang For Seller's Buck

WILMINGTON, NC / ACCESSWIRE / October 16, 2015 / For the first time ever, cellphone users are able to maximize their payout when trying to get cash for phones. Recell Cellular is offering a range of different options that allow users to sell phones for cash, quickly and easily. Using their online platform, sellers can get a quote based on current market prices and simply ship their phone to get paid in record time. As this new service continues to make waves in the world of mobile technology, industry leaders are looking for reasons behind the company's success.

What makes Recell Cellular unique is that it allows a different option for phone users to manage their finances as they inevitably seek newer technology. As most people upgrade their phone at least once every two years, the market is primed for a convenience that aims to expedite this process, while making it more profitable.

A company spokesperson for Recell Cellular offered their perspective: "It is with great pleasure we can guarantee that we pay more per phone than any other online buyer. We like to distinguish ourselves by offering the best service and the highest prices anywhere online, for millions of people across the country. The future of mobile technology is coming quickly, and the best way to stay ahead of the curve is to keep your resources flexible, and be ready for the newest upgrades available. We like to play our part by putting good use to old phones, and paying top dollar in the process."

The process is very simple. Using an easily navigable user interface, sellers identify their phone from a list of different models on the site and determine the condition based on Recell Cellular's original grading system. The site will use this data to find an offer which users may choose to accept. A pre-paid shipping label is provided within seconds by the company for sellers to ship their phones without hassle. Sellers have the option of getting paid through PayPal, check, and for the first time anywhere, MoneyGram. All prepaid labels are priority mail, offering unbeatable speed an payments within four or five days.

Recell Cellular's website lists a selection of major brands they will buy, allowing users to sell iPhones, Blackberries, Galaxy, and all of the other leading names in wireless technology. By providing tracking for shipped phones, as well as detailed contact information, they are able to ensure the highest level of security possible, meaning phones get to their destination reliably and on time. Their customer service is available to troubleshoot problems customers may have along the way. Given the highest possible A+ score by the Better Business Bureau bodes well for this exciting new service.

Recell Cellular's customer service team can be contacted by phone at 910-599-4554 or by email at recellcellular@gmail.com. They are available Monday through Friday, from 10am to 6pm.

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SOURCE: Recell Cellular