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Emerson Radio retains Lazard Middle Market to evaluate strategic alternatives

Emerson Radio reported in a regulatory filing that the board has empowered a Special Committee to evaluate possible strategic alternatives intended to enhance stockholder value. The Special Committee has engaged Lazard Middle Market, or LMM, as financial advisor to advise and assist the Special Committee in analyzing the company’s business and financial condition, and exploring and evaluating strategic alternatives. The Special Committee is comprised solely of independent directors and was constituted by the board to, among other things, independently evaluate and seek to achieve the best value for all of the company’s stockholders with respect to any strategic alternatives that may be proposed by parties interested in entering into a strategic transaction with the company, solicit, explore, review, analyze and independently evaluate strategic alternatives available to the company for maximizing stockholder value and independently evaluate and determine whether the company should declare and pay any dividend or distribution of cash or assets to stockholders of the company. The Special Committee has also retained independent legal counsel. The work of the Special Committee and LMM is at an early stage and its outcome is highly unpredictable. The Special Committee is empowered to consider a wide range of alternatives, some of which can be approved and executed by the Special Committee on its own, without approval by the board or stockholders. The Special Committee would, however, have to obtain board approval for any transaction that would require stockholder approval.