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Emirates is selling return flights to Australia for £650

Abigail Malbon
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From Cosmopolitan

Right now our minds are firmly fixed on the arrival of summer (starting with a heatwave this weekend - yay), but come September you can guarantee we'll be Googling 'cheap flights to Australia' in the hope of escaping the inevitable snow.

Well, if you're organised enough, you can save yourself the trouble by booking up now for a fraction of the price thanks to the Emirates flight sale, which is offering trips down under for £650 later this year.

Just in case you've never done the mammoth 24-hour journey, we'll just let you know that that's a bit of a bargain. And you'll also get the luxury of flying with Emirates (a dream, let me tell you).

Anyone else strongly considering blowing this month's wages and giving your future self a break from the dreary British winter?

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The sale has already begun, and the offers will be available until 9th May. Flight between 22 October 2019 - 5th December 2019 from Gatwick to Perth start from £649, while you can fly Manchester to Melbourne on the same dates from £699. Or if you fancy New Zealand, you can get a return for £729.


Alternatively, if you have money to blow, you can fly business class - and we'll be forever jealous - from £3,249 between 18th May 2019 and 5th February 2020.

The deals are available on the Emirates site now, but be quick! Pretty sure loads of people will be hoping to escape to somewhere warm this winter.

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