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Emissary Announces CEO, Comprehensive Enterprise Sales Solutions

NEW YORK, Jan. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Emissary, the leading private sales intelligence network, today announced Allen Mueller as CEO. Mueller joins Emissary after serving as CRO of Miller Heiman Group, recently acquired by Korn Ferry, and Managing Director of Corporate Executive Board, acquired by Gartner.

Allen Mueller joins Emissary as CEO.

The announcement coincides with the launch of new holistic solutions to help enterprise sales teams prioritize accounts, uncover opportunities, and accelerate deal velocity and value.

"Allen's background is exactly what our business needs," said board chair Dino Di Palma. "She understands the complexities of enterprise selling from both a seller and an executive perspective and will continue to shape our offering to help customers unlock the power of inside insights to sell more and faster than ever."

Emissary is the only sales intelligence network that connects enterprise sellers and marketers to executives who recently left roles at F1000 firms. Their network of 12,000+ advisors helps clients sell smarter by leveraging human insights across all stages of the sales cycle.

"As we know, the sales process has gotten more complex and the enablement space is noisy and crowded. Every salesperson or marketer would benefit from inside-ball intel about how to prioritize, approach, and sell to key accounts," Mueller said. "As a 25-year sales veteran and a believer in sales methodology, I appreciate that sales teams might know "what" to do but lack the "how" to break into their biggest accounts. I wish I had had this set of resources in my back pocket to accelerate deals, design ABM campaigns, and align my organization around my buyers' priorities."

Emissary was founded by David Hammer in 2013 after his time at Google. "I'm grateful for David's vision and forward-thinking leadership that's built a company with happy clients, a thriving culture, and exciting business potential," Mueller shared.

The Emissary network is growing quickly. If you're looking to join their private network of clients, community of advisors, or talented team, reach out at info@emissary.io.

About Emissary

Emissary is a private sales intelligence network that connects enterprise sales and marketing teams to executives who recently left roles at F1000 firms. Their mission is to empower organizations to sell smarter by leveraging the knowledge of former decision-makers to create long-lasting relationships with their biggest clients. Learn more at emissary.io.

Emissary, info@emissary.io

Emissary private enterprise sales intelligence network.

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