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Emma Launches Operations in North America After Being Named the Fastest Growing Start-up in Europe

DOVER, Delaware , Sept. 26, 2019 /CNW/ -- Emma is proud to officially announce the launch of its North American branch. After expanding into 14 countries across Europe , and 8 countries intercontinentally, Emma is expanding operations into the competitive North American markets.

U.S. Cofounder Amir Bolouryazad

Emma's core product, the Emma mattress, has earned the title of the most awarded mattress in Europe . In 2018, Emma's revenue growth reached a staggering 14,315 percent. The continuous global expansion of Emma will bring its innovative European bed-in-a-box model to North America . While the North American mattress market presents fierce competition for the European newcomer, Emma's past successes are likely to propel it to similar grandeur in the new arena.

Emma offers its North American customers a "European Sleep Experience." But what does that mean? Emma's German engineering provides its customers with the perfect blend of style, comfort and German precision for high-quality. The Emma is a cooling mattress, promising to regulate sleepers' temperatures no matter the climate, while minimizing motion transfer and providing optimal support.

Emma U.S. co-founder, Amir Bolouryazad said, "We've done extremely well in Europe and the same strategies have worked fairly uniformly throughout the various European markets. But the North American markets definitely presents us with distinct challenges that we haven't encountered in other countries. We are working hard to bring the idea of the European Sleep Experience to the continent, a concept that can revolutionize the way Americans sleep. Bed-in-a-box is nothing new in North America , but we have a unique design and perspective that we believe can differentiate us and bring something new to the table."

Entering North America offers Emma a significant growth opportunity. In the long-run, Emma could prove to be a positive disruptive force to the North American sleep industry.

About Emma Mattress

Emma is one of the leading bed-in-a-box brands in Europe . The direct-to-consumer company was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of Emma – The Sleep Company (Bettzeit GmbH) and has since sold more than 450,000 mattresses. In May 2018 , Emma Mattress was named Europe`s fastest-growing Tech-Start-up thanks to its relative revenue growth (Tech5-Award). A mere four years after its founding, the mattress is available online in 20 countries, as well as at numerous retail partners throughout Europe . Under the strategic responsibility of Dr Dennis Schmoltzi and Manuel Müller, both founders and CEOs of Emma – The Sleep Company, the brand will continue its international expansion in 2019.

With its high quality and an innovative structure, Emma mattresses are suitable for a number of different body types and sleeping positions. The company's product portfolio now includes pillows, duvets, bedding, as well as a box-spring bed.

Please find further information: www.emma-mattress.com and www.emma-mattress.com/canada

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