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Emojli Is the First Ever Emoji-Only Social Network [Insert Celebratory Emoji Here]

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech
Emojli screenshot

A picture is worth a thousand words. Now we’re about to find out how many words an emoji is worth, with the imminent launch of a new emoji-only social network.

The new online network is called Emojli, and it cuts out all those superfluous “letters” and “words” clogging up Twitter and Facebook. Starting Monday, you can reserve your unique Emojli username at emoj.li.

Of course, that username has to be in all emoji; that should be a given. To type emoji on a Mac, press Command + Control + space bar to bring up an emoji keyboard. Here are instructions for Emoji input on Windows 8

Emojli screenshot

The official Yahoo Tech Emojli username! Send us an Emojli … when the service launches.

There is no indication as to exactly when you’ll be able to start using that username, unfortunately, other than a message that reads, “Launching on iOS soon, other platforms later.”

Emojli’s slogan is “No words. No spam. Just emoji.” A promotional video for the service assures us that the worst form of spamming you should ever see on Emojli is the occasional pile of poop emoji. (Good thing that one is our favorite!)

Various emoji


We haven’t had the opportunity to try Emojli yet, so there isn’t a whole lot more than restless anticipation to share at this point. We just wanted to urge you to reserve your username now before all the good emoji are taken.

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