Emote It Plug-in from Emugu Corporation Provides the First Highly Accurate Sentiment Analytics Solution for Mobile Apps and Websites

LOS ALTOS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 7, 2015 / Emugu Corporation, the emotion-based social network, has announced the new Emote It plug-in for web and mobile app developers to enable highly accurate sentiment analytics for polling and tracking. Emugu is the first company to offer sentiment analytics with a ~99% accuracy rate, compared to other providers who offer up to a 65% rate of accuracy.

"By adding the Emote It plug-in to their websites, companies can now benefit from getting direct, accurate insight from consumers. It can be a powerful tool to help with strategic planning, saving them money and resources," stated Imran Tusneem, president of Emugu Corporation. "We think companies will be quick to adopt and leverage this powerful tool and the invaluable insight it can offer."

Sentiment analytics is not a new concept, but Emugu's approach is unique and revolutionary. Prior to Emugu, sentiment analytics had been text-based, which meant a large margin of error due to the uncertainties associated with trying to interpret language and the many nuances around that. Others had limited their responses to an overly simple positive/negative poll, which did not provide adequate insight into the feelings of individuals or consumers. Richer sentiment analytics allow people and companies to gain better, more accurate insight into the feedback they receive from people. This insight enables deeper connections for individuals and provides companies with more accurate results for doing predictive analytics, forecasting, and planning.

The Emote It plug-in is free to use and is accessible through the Developers & Integrators page or by contacting Emugu Support.


Tracy Tusneem
(650) 383-8620

SOURCE: Emugu Corporation