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Enbridge unit to adjust prices

Enbridge Gas Distribution announced that it has received approval from the Ontario Energy Board for new rates effective October 1. For typical residential customers who buy their gas supply and transportation from Enbridge Gas Distribution, the changes will result in an overall decrease of approximately $83 annually. This is primarily due to decreased commodity and transportation costs. Typical residential customers, who purchase their gas supply from a marketer and obtain transportation services from Enbridge Gas Distribution, will see a decrease of about $39 annually. This is primarily due to decreased costs to transport natural gas. Effective October 1, Enbridge Gas Distribution's Gas Supply Charge will decrease from 14c per cubic metre to 12.3c/m3. The Cost Adjustment includes a refund on Gas Supply of 0.8c/m3. Combined, these result in an effective Gas Supply Charge of 11.5c/m3.