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Enbridge upsizes capacity of U.S. Gulf Coast Access Projects

Enbridge announced that it is upsizing the capacity of its U.S. Gulf Coast Access projects. The Flanagan South Pipeline from Flanagan, Illinois to Cushing, Oklahoma will be upsized to a 36- inch diameter line with an initial capacity of 585,000 barrels per day (bpd). In a separate announcement today, Enbridge and its partner Enterprise Products Partners L.P. indicated that they will twin their jointly owned Seaway Pipeline from Cushing to the U.S. Gulf Coast at Houston, with an extension to Port Arthur/Beaumont, adding 450,000 bpd of capacity to that system. The total estimated cost of the Flanagan South Pipeline project, as a result of the larger capacity and pipeline size, has increased from the original $1.9B to $2.8B. In addition, the Enbridge share of the cost of the Seaway Pipeline twin line and extension is expected to be approximately $1.0B.