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End of Toxic Vaping Emissions? The Ultrasonic Vaping Technology by USONICIG

ZIP, an astonishing ultrasonic vaping device, is brought by the uprising brand USONICIG. USONICIG is a brand of Shenzhen Xiangyuan Technology Co.,Ltd. The innovative UVT (Ultrasonic Vaping Technology) was applied to their products, and it is considered as an alternative method of nicotine delivery, while avoiding most of the toxic emission from heating.

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‘None Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, Acrolein, or Diacetyl were detected via Ultrasonic Vaping device, while in the coil based electronic cigarette with resistance, Formaldehyde can be present up to 2 µg / puff and Acrolein up to 1 µg / puff (at 14 W)’ test performed by Cliquide France laboratory&Analyses.

Discussion on whether e-cigarettes are even healthy to cigarettes has become a hot topic ever since its firstborn to the world. Some people still believe that e-cigarettes are less harmful than regular cigarettes and can be a more healthfully alternative way of nicotine delivery.

As an innovation-oriented brand that recently launched in the market, USONICIG is devoted to provide a more convenience and hopefully healthier nicotine delivery method for smokers and vapers.

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