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EnergySolutions enters second phase of Fukushima clean-up contract

EnergySolutions (ES) announced that it has entered into the second phase of its contract with Toshiba Corp (TOSBF) as part of the on-going remediation of the damaged Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant. Previously selected as the technology provider for the clean-up of the large volume of radioactively contaminated water at the site, EnergySolutions will now supply the containers and materials necessary to support the operation of the technology, which is expected to commence on schedule this autumn. The materials will include the ion exchange media used in the water clean-up system and EnergySolutions' own proprietary High Integrity Containers for secondary waste collection and long-term storage. The new phase of the contract will cover supply of materials for the first several months of operations, with the system currently scheduled to run for over a year.