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New England Realty Associates Announces Fourth-Quarter Distribution on Class A Units and Depositary Receipts

ALLSTON, Mass., Nov. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On December 31, 2018, New England Realty Associates Limited Partnership (NYSE MKT: NEN) will make its regular quarterly distribution to its Class A Limited Partners and holders of Depositary Receipts of record as of December 14, 2018.  The quarterly distribution per Class A Limited Partnership Unit will be $9.00 per unit.  The quarterly distribution per Depositary Receipt will be $0.30.  Each Depositary Receipt represents a beneficial ownership of one-thirtieth of a Class A Partnership Unit.  Depositary Receipts are listed on The NYSE MKT under the trading symbol "NEN".


Sally Starr

New England Realty Associates LP

39 Brighton Avenue, Allston, MA  02134


e-mail: nera@thehamiltoncompany.com



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