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Entest BioMedical's Subsidiary Zander Therapeutics, Inc., Reports Its Series A Compounds Suppressed the Production of Multiple Cytokines Known to be Involved in Inflammation With No Toxicity In Canine Studies

SAN DIEGO, June 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Entest BioMedical Inc.'s (ENTB) subsidiary, Zander Therapeutics, Inc. has tested compounds that act on human cells in suppressing the immune system in a small amount of dog blood.  The results indicate that one of the compounds, termed Series A, suppressed the production of multiple cytokines known to be involved in inflammation by activating checkpoint NR2F6.  These include IL-17a, IL-1, IL-2, TNF-α and IFN-ɣ production from activated peripheral blood mononuclear cells in a non-toxic manner.

"Creating a small molecule drug that targets inflammation through activation of NR2F6 is a completely novel method and one which has great promise to improve the quality of life of many pets," says Dr. Harry Lander, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Zander.  "we are continuing to improve this particular drug by making it more potent.  We found excellent efficacy at concentrations 50 fold lower than where toxicity is seen, but we want to do even better."

Zander is continuing similar experiments testing other compounds and will also begin to test anti-cancer small molecule compounds in the coming months.

About Zander Therapeutics Inc. and Entest BioMedical Inc.:   

Zander Therapeutics is a subsidiary of Entest BioMedical Inc. (ENTB), a publicly traded biotechnology company focused on veterinary medicine. The Company seeks to develop small molecule and immune stimulating therapies for veterinary applications.

Currently, the Company's major interest is in developing small molecule therapies for treating cancer and autoimmune diseases in animals, which include arthritis.

Zander Therapeutics Inc. is the exclusive licensee for veterinary applications of Regen BioPharma Inc.'s (RGBP) (RGBPP) intellectual property and technology relating to NR2F6. NR2F6 is a molecular switch known as an "orphan nuclear receptor", which controls genes associated with the immune response.  Zander Therapeutics is solely focused on veterinary applications.  

David Koos serves as Chairman and Chief Executive officer of Regen BioPharma, Inc. (RGBP), Entest BioMedical Inc. (ENTB) and Zander Therapeutics Inc. (subsidiary of Entest BioMedical Inc.).

Disclaimer: This news announcement may contain forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are inherently subject to risks and uncertainties, some of which cannot be predicted or quantified. Future events and actual results could differ materially from those set forth in, contemplated by, or underlying the forward-looking statements. The risks and uncertainties to which forward looking statements are subject include, but are not limited to, the effect of government regulation, competition and other material risks.


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