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Entrepreneur, Education Pioneer and Published Author Announces Next Book: The Trump Card - Rationale of a Redneck

California-Based Redwood Publishing Confirms Earned Six-Figure Advancement for Cliff Oxford's Upcoming Publication

ATLANTA, Oct. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Redwood Publishing and Cliff Oxford, founder of CliffCo, StI Knowledge and Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs as well as author of two existing publications, announced today the upcoming release of his third book titled The Trump Card - Rationale of a Redneck. Debuting February 1, 2020, in print, audio and eBook formats.

The Trump Card - Rationale of a Redneck will explain Donald Trump's election to the White House and its intersection with rural culture. He will tell the story of why it is more about economic class than race on why the American South overwhelmingly voted for President Donald Trump and continue to support him even at the risk of policies that undercut their economic well-being, which has been financially hollowed over the past four decades. Oxford will create an agony index to explain why the "Trump Card" is a payback vote in support of solutions aimed to rebuke economic disintegration.

Oxford first began writing about Trump's electability soon after he announced his candidacy. Even while most of the country hadn't begun to take Trump seriously, Oxford published an article for Forbes arguing that he'd win the Republican nomination. In a second post, Oxford used stats on the positive and negative tones of stories about Trump and Hilary Clinton to suggest Trump would be elected president. The Trump Card - Rationale of a Redneck will be a continuation of Oxford's analysis of Trump's political success with a hard-core loyal base of support.

With a strong background in business and a keen eye for journalism, Oxford has authored two other books titled LAMBS (Liberal Arts Majors in Business Society) to Leaders and Know, Grow, Exit - How Entrepreneurs Start and Finish Fast. He has contributed to The New York Times for a column about running a small business, and Oxford has written many entrepreneur-focused stories for Forbes.


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