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Entrepreneur Shahid Durrani Pays It Forward With Free Coaching, Vacation Deals For Frontline Covid Workers

·4 min read

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / August 25, 2020 / Shahid Durrani is an entrepreneur and a mentor who has run successful businesses for multiple years before setting out to help others. He has served thousands of people and, inspired by his own success as an entrepreneur, facilitates a creditable program to change more lives. He mentors and empowers people with powerful mindset training so that they can create the life they truly want.

What is your backstory?

All my life, I've been through tough feelings and events that have shaped me into who I am today. As a kid, I had a facial deformity that affected my speech and confidence. In high school, I was an oversized kid at 6' 3" and still got bullied. My high school teacher said I was going to be ‘a bum for life.' It didn't stop there. As a young married man, I was in debt and totally devastated about having made no significant headway in life. My wife and son were suffering because of me, and so I vowed to change their lives forever. I was ready to do whatever it took to make my dream life come true.

What is one of your proudest moments?

My success stems from when I bought a medical facility and transformed it into a high-value generating business. Without any background in medicine, I revamped the facility from just two services to offer multiple services. I was able to do this by building a marketing system that focused on the core audience, attracting patients from far and wide, eventually generating twice the growth in months. This marketing program is sold to medical facilities globally.

My proud version of success is my most potent inspiration and ability to live from inside out rather than outside in. I now want to pass on the ability to make dreams come true and experience real results, using these time-tested strategies in expanding mental horizons.

What was a defining moment in your life?

I can think back to when I was watching my Dad scribble something on paper every few minutes and then throw it away. He would do this quite often. When I insisted on knowing what it was, he told me that it was his dream carpet factory - a business that he had absolutely no means of setting up at the moment but continued to visualize with fascinating detail until it became a reality.

That moment has never left me and continues to inspire me every time I confront a roadblock.

Years later, when I read the book 'Think and Grow Rich', I was instantly transported back to my father's drawing and made it all happen by thinking big and believing in himself.

What is your morning routine like?

I wake up before my alarm at 6 AM, take a cold shower, do push-ups, and a Facebook "Live" for my private group at 7 AM sharp. I spend some time doing my video recordings, and then I do my studies on mindset development, reviewing the literature in depth.

What have you been up to recently?

I have launched a podcast called 'Super Entrepreneurs Podcast', where I interview top entrepreneurs to find out what their superpower is so that the audience can get their 'Ah-Ha moments'. I also do solo episodes about my thoughts, which inspire results since results are the name of the game.


What about your free coaching programme?

I will be launching an advertising platform with my partner called mygoto.io. Its a lot like an auto-trader but has a membership component to help people earn a living. Oh, by the way, We have something amazing for our front line workers. I'm offering a free one hour coaching call with a free vacation for four to every qualified worker. It excludes travel, of course, and taxes/fees must be paid. To qualify, front line workers must have a desire for better results in life, and they must also love vacations!

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