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How These Entrepreneurs Are Crushing The Competition In Their Markets

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / February 17, 2019 / In the world of ever changing markets you have to be able to move fast and adapt in order to stay on top. There are many factors that play out when it comes to being successful in your specific niche. A few simple ways to stay ahead of the competition is by constantly brainstorming new ideas to grow, creating new strategies to become more efficient, and keeping track of your audience. Never get too comfortable, that is how businesses stop growing and fail because everyone else around them is expanding.

Here is how a few entrepreneurs are staying ahead of the game:

Razvan Romanescu

Razvan Romanescu is not someone that you hear much about online but is certainly a trailblazer in the social media community. He's the Co-Founder of memes.com & guff.com. This solidifies him as the leader in meme distribution with over a combined 60 million followers on social media. You may follow @memes across FB / IG. Aside from Memes, Razvan personally owns and operates the #1 vertically focused female network on social media. Some of his accounts include @style @females and @girls, to name a few. He has been very active in e-commerce making significant eight-figure revenues as well as entering the retail market for various products. He recently founded a new online gaming company that will be launching in 2019.

Aidan J. Cole

Aidan J. Cole currently leads growth initiatives for Gravity Group, a San Francisco based tech company focused on enriching culture & community through world-class technology. Their flagship product, Dil Mil, is a mobile dating app exclusively for the South Asian community. Dil Mil has generated over 10 million matches and helped thousands of people get married.

Prior to joining Gravity Group, Aidan co-founded an eCommerce brand that generated over $5 million in revenue within its first five months of operation with consistent growth month after month. Aidan has extensive experience in building influence on social media and has helped entertainers like Flo Rida and athletes like Zachary Claman De Melo do so as well.

''Stay focused on hitting your goals, failing fast and learning as much as you can. Find individuals within your industry that actually matter and study them. One thing you must first learn is how to identify someone that has substance, then earn their respect. I'll give you a hint: they're usually the quiet ones that listen when someone speaks, you're unsure as to how wealthy they actually are, they probably rarely post on their social accounts and you can tell they're typically 10 steps ahead of you. Shut up and listen to them.''

Jeremy Haynes

Jeremy Haynes, CEO/Founder of Megalodon Marketing he grew up in Ohio and used to sell Directv and cell phones in CostCo. Young Jeremy became head of marketing at a company in beautiful North Miami Beach from an entrepreneur Jeremy sold a phone too. The entrepreneur ended up running out of money and having to fire Jeremy. Out of a job, Jeremy put out his resume on indeed.com and got recruited by Grant Cardone the next day.

Jeremy went on to become Grants email marketing manager, 3 months later promoted to digital marketing specialist where he managed Facebook ads, email marketing, CRM management, and promoting over 150+ products helping generate an average of $1.8M per month.

Jeremy worked there 13 months before quitting to start his very own agency where he did $550k in his first year, $1M+ in his second a second year and is now actively working on making $1M monthly

Jeremy has also worked with over 200+ regular personality brands, and over 40+ celebrity personality brands including Dan Lok, Eric Casaburi, Armando Montelongo, Anik Singal, Fred Lam, Julius Dean, and so many more helping generate over 8 figures in returns for our clients in net returns.

''As Charlie Munger says, become aware of where you're going to die so you don't go there.'' - Jeremy Haynes

Tiana Burse

Tiana Burse is the CEO and Co-Founder of District Media Press, a Consultant Agency that focuses on white labeling and brand expansion. She is also the Founder of the Facebook show called "Hustle Season" and has stake ownership in several businesses.

"Everyone is looking at me now, and seeing my life and businesses elevate. But, what they don't see is that most days I am alone working on the little things that create big things. What they don't see is the amount of personal development I listen too just so I can keep my mindset sharp. What they don't see is the number of ideas that we have tried that were complete failures. You see, success for me is all about the mentality you create so that you can succeed. Whatever it is that any one of us wants, starts in the mind first."

David Schloss

David Schloss is the founder of Convert ROI, a highly successful digital advertising agency focusing exclusively on Facebook and Instagram ads platform.

His expertise is behind the psychology of running high yielding Facebook Advertising Campaigns whether that is through his fully managed private client work, consulting, intensive training events or keynote speaking.

David's proprietary methods of ''Contextual Congruence'', his process developed based on the marriage between direct response marketing and understanding social behavior are responsible for millions of dollars in revenue for his clients every year.

He is known as the ''Facebook Ads Advertiser'' for Facebook Advertiser's as he is the mastermind behind most other advertiser's success.

''The attention span of visitors/viewers will decrease, which means an emphasis on ad creative that grabs attention will become most important for new and existing advertisers to combat rising ad costs.

Double down on short-form video. The 60-second and 15-second viewership audiences on Instagram through news feed and Story content are not only cheaper than Facebook but very effective when utilized correctly.''

Peter Pru

Peter Pru, CEO, and Founder of E-commerce Empire Builders helps both new and existing eCommerce business owners start & grow their own wildly profitable online E-commerce Empire. He's part of click funnels 2 comma club and widely successful for building funnels.

''Growth and comfort cannot exist together. To win in business and in life you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable."



SOURCE: SV Advisory Group

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