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The Equity Capital Collective™ Launches New Virtual Training For Fundraising Founders

EqCo founders have raised over $30M since 2017.

Are YOU ready to raise?

PORTLAND, Ore., May 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Equity Capital Collective™ (EqCo), the organization helping diverse founders learn how to effectively raise money, officially announced its Masterclass launch today. 

The Equity Capital Masterclass is a 6-week online fundraising course built specifically for founders raising early-stage capital. This flexible and highly-effective training teaches the tactical skill set of fundraising, but also offers insights on how to overcome the rarely addressed cultural and identity barriers faced by under resourced entrepreneurs.  Step-by-step coaching gives founders greater authority, competence, and confidence in this critical task.

Sara Batterby, the Founder of EqCo, has spent 20+ years founding and funding startups. As a VC in Silicon Valley, she designed the first truly data-driven portfolio strategy for investing in female entrepreneurs. Her experience as both a female founder and investor inspired her to develop this curriculum for fellow, underfunded entrepreneurs.

With Sara's guidance, EqCo founders have raised more than $30M in the 2-years since she launched this mission. 66% of those companies are women-led, 34% are minority-lead, and 16% are LGBTQIA-led.

"We teach women, and other underfunded founders, the tools, tactics and strategies of fundraising because without access to capital they are denied opportunity for wealth creation and basic economic equality," said Batterby. "We support fundraising as a skill set, but as importantly, we offer insight into the role that identity and entitlement play in representing our own value and asking for the funding we deserve."

EqCo's Masterclass  is unique from accelerators in its holistic approach to supporting founders in their fundraising journey.  "Before learning this methodology, I felt I lacked the technical knowledge to raise capital for my business and now I feel like a mystery has been solved. The psychology between the founder and investors and understanding the technical documents and their differences has been huge difference. I'm less overwhelmed and am equipped with a lot more technical knowledge and resources," said Amanda Wilson of Voxapod. 

To learn more,, please visit: https://equitycapitalcollective.com

About Equity Capital Collective
The Equity Capital Collective™ offers insight and education for early and growth-stage startup founders.  Our mission is to enable and empower entrepreneurs who have been excluded from access to capital.


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