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SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - January 15, 2016) - With the impending 2016 Presidential election just under one year away, healthcare specialist Erwin Cablayan has evaluated the change that may occur in the event of a Republican president. With a tentative relationship between the right-wing political party and its controversial history with healthcare reforms, Cablayan is unsure of what the future may hold for America.

"The United States of America has always been weary of a federal and unified healthcare system," Cablayan explains. "With this country's history, it is not unreasonable to suggest that we may face a backwards turn if another political party enters office to reverse the direction we have taken so far." As CEO of Healthcare Systems Inc., Erwin Cablayan has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with people from all economic backgrounds with varied sicknesses. Barack Obama introduced the Affordable Care Act in 2010, and since then, Republicans have vowed to repeal it the moment they enter the executive branch of government.

Erwin Cablayan shares hesitations about the functionality of 'Obamacare.' As explained on his blog, "the basis of all questions about affordable care extend to our government and address its control of the public by issuing mandated penalties and fines for non-compliance to entitle everyone to our healthcare system." If a Republican were to enter office, these penalties would be retracted and Americans would be left in the same position as before.

There has been a long and difficult history regarding the introduction of healthcare in the United States. What can be viewed as a 'socialist' reform, Congress usually vetoes or modifies acts that can directly benefit citizens from all economic backgrounds. This election is proving to be the most contentious one for the issue, as Presidential nominees from both parties have shared their views on other social issues, such as race relations and same-sex marriage. In the event that a Republican inherits the Oval Office, it is clear that federal healthcare will be retracted and returned as a states' issue.

Despite healthcare remaining a right and not a privilege, Erwin Cablayan understands that in today's climate, it is not as affordable or beneficial as implied by liberal media outlets. Due to the higher cost of small businesses that provide healthcare for all its employers, universal healthcare is hardly free. "Its costs hit both employees and customers hard, and reports suggest a decrease in employees' hours, an increased risk in going out of business, and costs being passed on to consumers." A Republican president would oversee the reversal of these problems that small companies face when trying to manage the added responsibilities for its employees.

As CEO and CFO of Healthcare Systems Inc., Erwin Cablayan obtained a Masters degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of Seton Hall and believes that healthcare depends on three major elements: cost, quality, and access. With an interest in improving all aspects of these, his company is focused on the long-term care practices that are applicable to the field of gerontology. Erwin Cablayan is a retired field grade Army officer and as such serves as CEO of VetRest, a non-profit 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization that focuses on the physical and emotional help for veterans of the Armed Forces.

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