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eSIMs Pave the Way for Multiple SIMs and Telephone Numbers in the One Phone

LONDON, May 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- This week, UK-based telecommunications company, eSIM.net Group Ltd, launched a virtual Pay As You Go SIM card that can be downloaded online and instantly gives its user a second number on their smartphone. A companion to the traditional SIM, the PAYG plan makes use of eSIM-technology and is the first to come with a +44 telephone number for voice calls and data and SMS services that are not locked to any one network provider.

An eSIM is a chip embedded inside many of the latest handsets and can be activated with mobile services, such as the PAYG eSIM plan from eSIM.net. By using an eSIM, users benefit from dual SIM functionality; two phone numbers and identities in one device.

Adopters of dual SIM can enjoy separate personal and business billing from within one handset, as well as additional privacy and safety. Individuals can choose which telephone number they wish to provide, for example, when buying services online, signing up to dating websites, or when networking at events. The service works globally and users can receive and make calls and send or receive SMSs on either number.

By removing the necessity for a person to give out their personal phone number, an eSIM plan is also benefitting those working from home as users can give out their secondary number to customers or suppliers, for example. The user can, optionally, keep their phone number for as long as they like.

"Many people have heard of dual-SIM phones. However, operators in Europe have been reluctant to supply these as it encourages their subscribers to insert SIMs from their competitors," James Ashby, Product Manager for eSIM.net explained. "However, with the advent of eSIM-equipped phones, like the new iPhones, people now have the freedom to have two phone lines in one phone. In fact, you can have as many eSIM lines as you like."

With fixed rates across the UK, EU and USA, at 0.5p per MB and 5p per minute, the eSIM plan is among the cheapest PAYG options available on the market and can be purchased and topped-up by visiting eSIM.net.

About: eSIM.net Group Ltd are a leading online eSIM store and European MNVO. For more information, visit eSIM.net or email info@esim.net