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ESPN's Linda Cohn throws some shade at NCAA Tournament format

Cohn tweeted out a barb Saturday questioning the NCAA Tournament's one-and-done format.

Like basketball fans everywhere, ESPN SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn was stunned as No. 16 seed UMBC upset No. 1 overall seed Virginia Friday in the NCAA Tournament.

It's the first time in history a No. 16 seed has defeated a No. 1 seed, and while University of Maryland, Baltimore County fans are ecstatic, and anyone who filled out a tourney bracket that had Virginia losing before the Sweet 16 is happy, Cohn had an interesting observation about the outcome.

"Imagine if youre a DIEHARD FAN and your favorite NBA, NHL or MLB team played same format as NCAA tournament where an amazing season could end in 1 post season game," Cohn tweeted. "Would you be calling it the greatest sporting event ever? Doubt it. Unless it’s just about $$ for you."

An interesting point, to be sure, and that's why the NBA, MLB and NHL have playoff series, a concept that is totally unfeasible in college basketball.

However, Cohn's little "Unless it’s just about $$ for you" comment is a clear dig at the NCAA, everyone's favorite target in recent months in the wake of the recruiting scandal in college basketball.

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