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This Etsy Shop Will Turn Your House Into A Custom Christmas Ornament

Jennifer Fernandez

From Delish

If your search for something thoughtful and personal to gift family and friends around the holidays, birthdays, or milestone celebrations has left you feeling uninspired, you’re in luck. Massachusetts-based artist Samantha Bravoco, the woman behind Etsy shop Forever Figurines, designs customizable Christmas ornaments that resemble everything from your house and your dog to your wedding cake in such painstaking detail that you’d think she’s seen it all in person.

Each one-of-a-kind piece, which goes for $75, is crafted by hand using sculpted polymer clay, which Bravoco molds and shapes according to images and descriptions provided by clients; they’re then finished with acrylic paints and sealed with a glossy shine. Tudor-style, ranch, brick townhouses, brownstones—no home is off limits. Consider putting them on your list as housewarming gifts for couples looking to memorialize the purchase of their first home together, or for parents celebrating a milestone anniversary or for those who want to remember the home their family grew up in.

Photo credit: Forever Figurines
Photo credit: Forever Figurines

The keepsake ornaments have become very popular, especially this time of year. According to Today.com, Bravoco estimates that she’s made over 300 of the figurines and more than 2,000 cake figurines since she set up shop in 2016. “Everything is custom, handmade, and hand-painted, so they take time, and I can only do so many per day,” she recently told Today Home.

But all the fanfare has had an unexpected effect for last-minute shoppers: A new disclaimer on Bravoco’s website warns of a four-month waiting period. Perhaps you’ll need to plan early to get that perfect stocking stuffer next year.

Photo credit: Forever Figurines

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