Euphoria: HBO responds to allegations of a ‘hellish’ environment on season 2 set

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HBO Max has responded to allegations made about a “hellish” workplace environment on season two of Euphoria.

The response comes less than a week after the hit drama’s successful season two finale, which was watched by 6.6 million viewers.

In early February, midway through the show’s second season, The Daily Beast published a report detailing allegations of “hellish” night shoots on set and “gruellingly long” 15 to 17-hour workdays.

The report also claimed that the series’ extras made complaints to the labour union SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists).

These alleged complaints included not being providing “meals on time and refusing to let people use the bathroom”.

Additionally, the report addressed rumours of tension among cast members and director Sam Levinson. It specifically noted that Barbie Ferreira, who plays Kat Hernandez in the series, “allegedly butted heads with Levinson” and “[walked] off set”.

The report stated they spoke with “a handful of production sources” who confirmed the rumours to be true.

A statement released by HBO Max to Deadline addressed the accusations, reading: “The well-being of cast and crew on our productions is always a top priority. The production was in full compliance with all safety guidelines and guild protocols.”

Zendaya and Dominic Fike in the ‘Euphoria' scene where Elliot sings to Rue (HBO)
Zendaya and Dominic Fike in the ‘Euphoria' scene where Elliot sings to Rue (HBO)

“It’s not uncommon for drama series to have complex shoots, and COVID protocols add an additional layer. We maintain an open line of communication with all the guilds, including SAG-AFTRA.”

HBO added that there were never any formal inquiries raised.

The Independent has reached out to SAG-AFTRA for comment.

Euphoria has been renewed for a third and fourth season.