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EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY Daily Outlook – July 17, 2017

Colin First
EUR/USD The pair went on a sideways movement during the Wednesday’s trade and seems to consolidate between the 1.1625 level and 1.17 level. The mildly dovish FOMC statement will lift the market higher and aim for the target 1.1850 levels. Over a couple of days of trading, the market seems to have made 1.15 level … Continue reading EUR/USD, AUD/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY Daily Outlook – July 27, 2017


The pair initially rallied and found enough resistance with a lot of momentum. Due to the weakening dollar, the Euro gained strength and rose significantly on the price chart. With both the United States Retail Sales and CPI data failing to meet expectations, the dollar is seen struggling in the markets. …Read More


The pair shot up yesterday and continued to move higher, indicating a bullish trend. Traders could expect a strong pound this week against the weakening performance of the U.S. dollar. Due to the weak U.S. economic data releases, the other headlines including the Brexit negotiations and UK elections are cast aside for now. …Read More


The Australian dollar shot up higher and showed a bullish trend in the price chart. The U.S data releases failed to meet expectations and caused the dollar to move downside. Due to this, the Australian dollar was seen rising to its highest level since last April. In addition to the data releases, Fed Chair Yellen’s comments has pushed the dollar further down. …Read More


The U.S. dollar dropped down significantly compared to the Japanese Yen. With Fed Chair Yellen’s dovish comments coupled with the weakening U.S. Retail Sales and CPI data releases, the dollar was in great trouble. Due to this, the traders could witness a huge sell-off in the markets for the pair. …Read More

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