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Evalueserve Launches Pitchready for Fast and Accurate Pitchbook Generation

SCHAFFHAUSEN and ZÜRICH, Switzerland, December 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Evalueserve, a global provider of research, analytics, and data management services, has launched a new product - Pitchready, a productivity suite that offers fast and configurable pitchbook solutions to investment banking and advisory firms. The software saves 95% of time spent on adding logos to a pitch book and 80% of time spent on creating tombstones. Overall, it increases formatting efficiency by 50%.

Bankers have to work in an extremely time-critical environment to create their pitch books. The traditional manual processes are slow, error-prone, and non-scalable. The time spent on formatting logos, creating tombstone pages, making last minute formatting changes, and managing correct versions of templates is not a productive use of bankers' time.

Pitchready offers instant access to client-ready design elements. Its introductory version includes four elements:

  • Access to Evalueserve's comprehensive Logo Repository, comprising 50,000+ clean, transparent, and up-to-date company logos. The logos can be automatically resized and placed in relevant credentials page.
  • Configurable Tombstone Builder, which is customized to clients' requirements and linked to the centralized content library, which contains deal data.
  • Template Repository, which provides searchable templates in preferred taxonomies - product, sector, etc., ready for use in pitches.
  • Pitchready also includes a Design Toolbar, which features a desktop publishing toolkit of 70+ relevant functionalities for bankers, for more efficient creation and formatting of pitch book slides.

"We have designed this productivity suite to help our clients eliminate some of the routine yet time consuming tasks involved in the lifecycle of a deal. We believe the tool can support junior bankers to be more efficient, when it comes to day-to-day tasks, allowing them to spend more time on winning business. That for us, is the overall impact of Pitchready!" says Ashutosh Gupta, Co-CEO and Business Unit Head of Financial Services at Evalueserve.

For more information about Pitchready, visit: https://www.evalueserve.com/solutions/investment-banking-support

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For more information about Evalueserve, visit http://www.evalueserve.com

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