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Even among an iconic crowd, you can’t unsee Jared Leto’s suit at this Fashion Week party

Jared Leto’s wild style stood out, even among the floss and gloss of the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party. (Photo: Getty Images)

Defying all logic and laws of physics, it seems, actor Jared Leto’s suit at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party completely overshadowed everything else — for better or for worse. Depending on your particular style bent you might call Leto’s floral suit — replete with embroidered peak lapels — either bold, or you might call it brash. In either case, even among the perhaps most stylish and fashionable crowd in the civilized world, it’s something you will probably never unsee.

In an interesting turn of affairs, Leto’s suit nearly matched with the outfit of another party attendee (again, we said this whole thing seems to defy logic). Model Gigi Hadid showed up in a strikingly similar ensemble. No word on whether the two coordinated their looks.

Photo: Getty Images

As mentioned the crowd at the Harper’s Bazaar event were some of the most fashionable around, running the gamut of stars, models, fashion designers, and socialites. Unlike some other high-profile fashion-friendly parties, there seemed to be no sensible theme or trend being broadcast. The fashion ranged from bold and garish (see above) to the ongoing let’s-reveal-as-much-as-possible trend to generally classy and formal on down to what you’d wear to pick up some milk at Whole Foods.

The Hamlin sisters and mom Lisa Rinna representing the leggy look and the underboob brigade

Photo: Getty Images

Winnie Harlow going for lace and fringe

Photo: Getty Images

Kendall Jenner carrying on the Jenner-Kardashian see-through tradition

Photo: Getty Images

Brooklyn Beckham just doing his thing, no big deal

Photo: Getty Images

Snoop Dogg’s son Cordell Broadus even wore a bathrobe

Photo: Getty Images

Back to our original topic: Jared Leto’s bold floral suit, as eye-catching as it is, is very much in line with the actor’s off-screen presentations. He’s become known for extravagance over the years. So perhaps it would have been much more groundbreaking if he’d just shown up in some khakis and a polo shirt.

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