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Evergreen Guide to Ranking on Google MAP in 2019 and Every Year After!

Why & How to Get your Business on Google MAP?

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 6, 2019 / Based on the data we have available now, it has become that optimizing for local search engine optimization is a necessity and not an option for businesses any more. As mobile users continue to grow day in day out, they tend to make more use of their mobile devices for browsing the internet and searching based on their intent. For example, "Where is the best nail salon that has nail technicians who speak English in Dallas." This person's intent is based on a specific factor which is that people feel going to a nail technician who doesn't speak English will not do a good job or they've had a bad experience in this situation previously.

Based on my research doing old school and now so-called modern SEO, I have seen a significant rise in mobile traffic. This Google mobile trend has surpassed the entire desktop and laptop computer users, which makes it essential for local businesses to optimize their MAP Listings and web sites to reach the growing needs of the number of mobile users.

Since 2015, Google decided to add mobile optimization as criteria for ranking web sites. Since small business owners are busy running their home business or small storefront businesses with the day-to-day affairs of actually running the business, it leaves little time for business owners to know what Google wants. This has been significant. Let's see how:

Let's say you are in the business of hair cuts for men. You have a small salon and you offer the best hair cuts for men. Now let's say your business is located in Plano, TX. It would be logical to assume if someone is looking for the "best hair cuts for men in Plano, TX," you would like your business MAP to be on the 1st page of Google.

Here was my result when I did this specific search:

Google has now provided what Google thinks in this local MAP search result in the top 3 companies. However, these three companies are either big businesses, franchise owners, or corporate stores.

When I looked further in the "More Places" I found down below: Small business owners (SMB) who are struggling with this are not showing up on the first page of Google.

Since the mobile user is always in a hurry and suffers from attention deficit disorder the SMB is losing business to the competition.

Local companies that need to survive and thrive, must start learning LOCAL SEO or hire someone to help them as the mobile trend is not going away any time soon. By implementing it into their business survival budget for organic and local map SEO, it will be the least expensive denominator that offers a higher return on investment.

It is to a great advantage for local businesses to follow the steps of search engines in order to maximize their profit. Every small business entity should think about optimizing their web site for local users because it is a deal you cannot let go.

Why You Need To Be In GOOGLE Local Map Search Result

Let us say you search for a coffee shop within the search bar of Google, the search results page will return the closest coffee shops to you with their address and telephone numbers in most cases.

This happened because those coffee shops have listed their address and contact information on search engines like Google. This is just one great example to benefit from local search listings on Google which your company needs to consider. One other great benefit of why you need to optimize your site to be mobile compatible with local search engine optimization is that voice search is another trend that search engines have implemented to the delight of mobile users. The reason for this is that it helps people multitask and save time while they search or in some cases it appears to just be more fun to use voice search.

Somebody who's driving might use voice search to navigate to the closest store or eatery around them. They conveniently do that with voice search without losing control of their vehicle. This alone has shown a lot of benefits why your company would consider optimizing your important keywords to target voice search queries.

Another way your company could benefit from local mobile web site optimization is because it's another opportunity to offer your clients great deals and create a friendly environment for them to buy and refer your services or products. All of this could be achieved by making your web site mobile user-friendly. It is also an important element for your website to load fast and offer the best user experience to turn that prospect into a paying customer and client.

Remember, if you don't optimize your local Google MAP, your competitor will be eating your lunch!


Cost of SEO services for local SEO can range from $500 per month to $2000. There are many factors that play a part in this complex process. However, if you are serious about learning, KISS PR offers free SEO training in Dallas during 30-minute boot camps to help you narrow your options. The class is FREE, but not calling could cost you leaving money on the table.

Ranking Factors for Local Business on the MAP Results

Following activities when performed frequently and with a planned approach get best results:

  1. Content in the form of blogs. Press releases and social media.

  2. Building links from local directories like YELP, YAHOO and many more. This process is called citations.

  3. Posting pictures and videos on Google related to your product and services

  4. Getting 4-5 Star quality reviews.


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