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Everyone is freaking out about Daenerys Targaryen's chic fur coat on 'Game of Thrones'

Daenerys Targaryen wrangled dragons on Sunday’s Game of Thronesbut all anyone can talk about is the jacket she wore to do it.

Photo: HBO

Now that winter has come to Westeros, it’s apparently time to see the Mother of Dragons in her finest outerwear. The winter white coat had a high neck and broad shoulders while still tight enough around her midsection to show off her royal figure. Khaleesi isn’t going to step out in Dragonstone in a down puffer.

The coat’s texture comes from diagonal fur stripes, ready to warm Dany on her trip to the North. The back is rendered in two types of fur, with a middle panel of zigzag stripes that evoke dragon skin. Jon Snow’s Ikea-made cape doesn’t even deserve to be in the same room as this pillar of medieval fashion. If there was a Westeros Fashion Week, Dany would have bought it right off the runway.

Even Sunday’s live-tweeters paused from screaming about Dany’s journey to the wall to admire her outerwear.

The show’s costume designer, Michele Clapton, has spoken about the style evolution that has Daenerys in bolder looks in Season 7. “Well, we’ve had six seasons so far where we’ve explored different areas and it’s coming down to the crux now,” Clapton said in an interview with Insider. “And actually with Dany, subliminally it’s monochrome, but there’s actually red there — a little bit of her house colors coming in finally.” You can spot a bit of those burnt red hues in the dragon scales on the back of Dany’s coat.

Even the chain she wears across her chest has a symbolic meaning, according to Clapton. Since Daenerys hasn’t yet ascended the throne, Clapton explains that the chain is a reminder of her destiny. Plus, her power shoulders give her an extra queenly boost: “The width of the shoulders give her strength, the chain gives her strength. I tried to make the cut of the costumes just slightly more like a uniform and almost less feminine.”

Clapton has also detailed how she works to evoke power with Daenerys’s wardrobe. “Now she’s got this sense of power and also a sense of immortality,” she told Fashionista. “I wanted to give this rather untouchable [quality] to her. The idea behind the white and pale gray is the sense of removal, a removal from reality.” We’ll accept whatever reality gets that coat our way in time for this season’s first snowstorm. Does the North have a fashion line we can look into?

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