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Everything About Apple's iMessage Drives Me Insane

Steve Kovach


Dan Frommer, Business Insider

Apple introduces iMessage at WWDC 2011.

iMessage went down again today

Yes, again. 

Beyond annoying.

Because I'm too upset about iMessage's general suckiness to write a full coherent post about it, I'm just going to type out my grievances for you here in order of severity:

  • Whenever an iMessage fails to send, it doesn't always send as a regular text message automatically. There's no alert to tell me something went wrong, so I often don't realize my message never went through.
  • If I get frustrated with iMessage and switch it off in settings, I miss messages from my friends who still use iMessage because the system isn't smart enough to realize I turned it off.
  • I test a lot of different phones, so there are times when I don't use my iPhone for a month or more at a time. iMessage isn't smart enough to know I'm no longer using an iPhone. So whenever I go back to my iPhone, I have several missed messages and I feel lame for leaving people hanging.
  • iMessage also ties into the iPad and the new chat app called Messages on the Mac. That means whenever someone sends me an iMessage I get it on my iPad, Mac, and iPhone. If I read the message on one device, it still sits there unread on the others and doesn't disappear until I read it again.
  • You can't block people on iMessage like you can with normal texting.
  • And what's the point of iMessage nowadays? Most carrier plans give you unlimited texting by default. Easy.
  • In short, I see zero advantages to using iMessage over normal texting.

So why do I use iMessage if it stinks so much?

Well, because it's turned on by default. And a lot of my friends and family members have iPhones that have iMessage turned on by default. So we're all kind of stuck in this death-loop of missed messages. And there's next to nothing I can do about it.


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