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Evolution of Robotic Arms is Coming

SHENZHEN, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / April 22, 2020 / In an increasingly electronic control technology world,technological advances within the robotic field are continuously growing. Thus, robotic arms will available soon on a day-to-day basis within the industrial sector. which means that their operation in small scale is more common, for they are no more economic choice for only large-scale production lines exporting large quantities of products. Many robot manufacturers try hard to achieve joint control, and make them have better control precision and flexibility.

Motor is the key to the industrial chain of intelligent robot. Upgrading robotic arms is urgent with the expansion of robotic arms market, which puts forward higher requirements to motor. At present, motors of robotic arms have problems of many specifications, small batches, poor commonality of components, high cost , and unstable quality and reliability . The quality of task completion of robotic arms is limited by its mechanical structure, which needs optimization through using servo motor instead of motors.

Robotic arms have multiple articulation and allow movements in a plane or three-dimensional space. The structure of robotic arms includes mechanical theme, controller,servo structure and sensor. Controllers set designated actions for robotic arms according to operation requirements. Robotic arms move under the motor driving, and feedback to programmable controller accurately. The core component of robotic arms is precision gear motor, which can reduce the speed at the joint of robotic arms efficiently, making them run at a constant speed.

Uniting with robotic arms manufacturers, ZHAOWEI optimizes the structure of robotic arms by development of wear resistant material, processing technology, lubrication technology, assembly technology , life detection technology and transmission mechanism. In order to operate maximum possible number of cable controls within a limit space, we need compact drive solutions. A mini compact drives has a low moving mass and an outstanding performance-volume ratio, which makes it ideal for dynamic use. Where high levels of dynamism, real power yield and precise, controllable use are required, electronically commuted servomotors like those from ZHAOWEI are the best option. The 97 mNm torque of motor is able to increase the planetary gear motor with diameter compatibility to the value required to operate the arm. According to application area of swivel movement, planetary gear motor allows transformation ratios of 1:4 or 6 to 20Nm continuous torque at up to 96% efficiency. ZHAOWEI develops gear motor with high efficiency and light weight that is ideal for robotic arms. With transmission changes in 2-stage3-stage and 4-stage, ZHAOWEI gear motor for robotic arms can change reduction ratio and adjust the output speed and torque of gear motor according to the design requirements of robotic motors,avoiding wear and winding problems of control cable for robotic arms,greatly satisfying the transmission needs of six degrees of freedom robots.

High precision levels and a long service life combined with easy integration into the control system mean servo motors can be used both for mobile applications and in compact engineering.The high transmission efficiency and low noise of servo motor for robotic arms needs complicated debugging to be realized. In the design stage of gear module for robotic arms, ZHAOWEI optimizes the modification coefficient of gear and interference check of planetary gear, improving the efficiency and noise of joint motor. Besides, ZHAOWEI provides custom service of personalized solutions according to different product requirements of different customers.

In Industry 4.0, and the development of 5G technology, manufacturing industry transform into intelligent and mechanical technology-intensive gradually. Whether in industry or home, the robot's arm has been extended and extended, there is a tendency to replace human manual labor. Our engineering team works closely with customers to develop perfect, custom-made solutions for customer-specific applications. From simple modifications to completely new designs, ZHAOWEI offers everything from a single source.

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