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Ex-NFL Star Terrell Owens Files $1 Million Lawsuit Over 'Stolen' Football Memorabilia

Ryan Naumann

Former NFL star Terrell Owens is accusing a storage company of stealing his priceless memorabilia and has slapped them with a massive lawsuit.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Owens has filed a lawsuit against Atlanta Peach Movers.

Owens says he leased a self-storage unit from the company. He used the unit to store all his collection of football memorabilia.

In 2014, he removed what he thought was the entirety of his property from the facility. His team was told he was paid in full.

The suit adds, “Defendant further represented that all of Mr. Owens’ property had been returned to Mr. Owens and that none of Mr. Owens’ property remained in storage at Defendant’s storage facility.”

Owens says, “We now know Defendant’s representations were false and deceptive, and that Defendant unlawfully retained and sold Mr. Owens’ collection of football memorabilia without Mr. Owens’ knowledge or consent.”


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In March 2019, the ex-NFL star says he learned Atlanta Peach Movers sold his “priceless and irreplaceable collection of football memorabilia” at auction. He was not aware of the auction until being contacted by the news.

Further, “Mr. Owens did not discover that his priceless and irreplaceable collection of football memorabilia and other property was sold at auction until approximately one year after the conclusion of the auction. As a result, it is virtually impossible for Mr. Owens to recover his collection of football memorabilia and other property because, the majority of that property has since changed hands several times through a series of post-auction sales involving the individuals who purchased Mr. Owens’ property at auction.”

The items in the storage included, “but are not limited to: (i) game and practice uniforms, pads, helmets, and other equipment worn by Mr. Owens at both the collegiate and professional level; (ii) uniforms and other football equipment and apparel worn by Mr. Owens’ teammates and competitors; (iii) awards, plaques, and trophies; (iv) artwork and photographs; (v) autographed memorabilia, including, photographs, uniforms, shoes, and other rare football-related items; (vi) one of a kind and prototype shoes developed by Nike and other shoe manufacturers exclusively for Mr. Owens; and (vii) unique and custom-designed statues and busts of Mr. Owens. Virtually all of the foregoing items are unique, irreplaceable, and priceless.”

Owens adds, “Defendant concealed its theft and unlawful sale of Mr. Owens’ property through a deliberate pattern of fraud and deception spanning several years.”

He accuses the company of refusing to hand over documents relating to the auction or answer any questions. Owens is demanding in excess of $1 million dollars.