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Ex-Team WE mid laner Misaya buys LSPL's Team Fighter

Misaya at the 2014 All-Stars competition in Paris (lolesports)

Yu “Misaya” Jingxi has purchased LSPL team Team Fighter from EDward Gaming, according to an announcement on his weibo.

Team Fighter qualified for the League of Legends Secondary Pro League as part of EDward Gaming’s talent development program. They, along with Team Hurricane, entered the City of Heroes tournament LSPL qualifier under the names EDG.Assassinate and EDG.Revengers. Upon qualifying for the LSPL, EDward Gaming changed their names to Team Fighter and Team Hurricane.

According to the LSPL rules, however, EDG may only own one competing LSPL team. In order to support this team in their quest to “achieve their esports dreams,” Misaya has obtained ownership. Team Fighter will have a chance to qualify for the LPL by winning LSPL. LSPL teams will be able to join the existing 12 franchised LPL teams until the number of teams reaches 20.

Best known for his Twisted Fate play as Team WE’s mid laner, Misaya has since achieved great success as a streamer and personality. Notably, Misaya has an ongoing Esports Dream Program. Every few months, he picks 10-15 people out of those who send him an email, and strives to help them achieve their goals in esports, whether it be through casting, competition, or otherwise.

This is not the first time a famous ex-pro player has purchased one of EDward Gaming’s teams. Lo “Wh1t3zZ” Punwai purchased I May toward the end of the LPL season, but gave up his stake in the team after a disagreement with the team’s “original owners.”

Team Fighter will play the opening match of the LSPL against Young Glory, Invictus Gaming’s sister team at 10pm PST on June 6th.

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