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Examining Uber's post-Kalanick future

Ethan Wolff-Mann
Senior Writer
Former Attorney General Eric Holder investigated Uber’s workplace culture. His findings were presented on Tuesday. Source: AP

There’s been some big goings-on at Uber over the past 24 hours, and even more since January, when the #deleteUber hashtag began to trend following the company’s reaction to the Trump administration’s travel ban.

On Tuesday, the company held an all-hands meeting to discuss the results of former Attorney General Eric Holder’s investigation into the company culture of toxic sexism and aggression, which was detailed in a viral blog post by former employee Susan Fowler in February.

In this new podcast, Yahoo Finance reporters Myles Udland, Daniel Roberts, and Ethan Wolff-Mann discuss the latest Uber developments, the scandal, and company’s outlook for the future.

Among the topics discussed: The scoop from Yahoo Finance’s JP Mangalindan of the audio from the all-hands meeting on company culture that actually featured a sexist comment and inappropriate conduct by a member of the board of directors and the chief of human resources; the future of CEO-on-leave Travis Kalanick and whether and how he would return; Uber’s fight with Waymo, Google’s (GOOGL) self-driving car spinoff; and how self-driving cars may be a vital part of the company’s survival as its business model moves away from subsidizing rides.

Myles Udland, Daniel Roberts, and Ethan Wolff-Mann are reporters at Yahoo Finance.

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