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Exclusive: Amazon and Whole Foods clash over products like Coca-Cola

Krystal Hu
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    Amazon is making Whole Foods an expensive Kroger.
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    My bet is that Whole foods' customer base will start drifting back to health-food stores like those it originally displaced. In my city, co-ops and local food stores are already making a comeback. It won't be long before WF is just be another expensive, disappointing supermarket - leaving plenty of room for smaller, better, local shops.
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    gee, what a surprise....
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    If Amazon changes Whole Foods from what it is now, it will be come just another super market. Period. And other stores are much closer to where I live. I shop at Whole Foods because I trust their core values and purpose.
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    Whole Foods has gone downhill since Amazon got involved....
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    Forcing Whole Foods to bend on such a core value proposition like the standards they have set for their products feels like a major problem for the brand and its purpose and values. While Amazon can afford to be all things to all people, Whole Foods cannot. I think it would be a huge mistake to sacrifice profit for purpose.
  • C
    When Amazon OWNS you you do what they say......or say bye bye.
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    Robert B.G
    The whole point of Whole Foods isn't organic - it's there are no artificial ingredients in the products. If that changes, there is no reason for their most loyal customers to shop there. If I have to start reading labels, there is no difference between Whole Foods and Trader Joe's etc.
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    Doesn't Amazon have the right to ruin this brand any way they like?
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    I would bet that it would be more profitable for WF to put its private-label products in other stores.

    Everyone 'likes' WF, but it's horribly over-prices and after you go there, you still have to stop somewhere else for other things... especially if you have kids.