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Exclusive Fitness Training is Possible at Home with Svetness Personal Training

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 26, 2020 / Our world is continuously changing. For the past weeks, we have been locked in our houses. Then the next day, quarantine restrictions are slowly easing up. Gyms, however, are still prohibited from reopening because of their high risk of transmission.

Wellness enthusiasts from all over are taking advantage of the opportunity to continue in their fitness goals in the privacy of their house with Svetness Personal Training. This company has pioneered in giving individualized coaching right at the confines of your living or working space.

Svetness Personal Training Corp is an in-home personal training company that makes exercising convenient, accessible, and affordable. A key component in their business is a team of certified fitness trainers who visit an individual's home, office, apartment, community gym, local park, or even the beach. These coaches personalize workouts to cater to every client's fitness goals. Their team believes that being busy or physical inability to go to the gym should not keep an individual from living the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Founder and CEO Svet Zurkov was born in the small town of Popovo, Bulgaria. His family moved to a small village of Elena, where his mother worked as a school teacher and his father, a police officer. As a child, Svet was already interested in sports and fitness by playing various games with his brother. In 2007, he graduated from a university in Bulgaria and emigrated to America to pursue his dream. He wanted to begin a business but was not sure what type yet. Before being an entrepreneur, he juggled 13 different jobs as a cook and a model and moved with his best friend to Northern Virginia to study college in the evening.

Svet was striving hard to balance employment and education until 2011 when he finally found his purpose by opening Svetnes, a fitness company based on his style of training.

Svet was inspired by the business idea when he worked as a personal trainer at a local gym in Northern Virginia. Svetness first opened to the clients in Washington, DC. Eventually, it evolved in 2012 to offer exclusive, one-on-one training. He envisioned to provide health and wellness services from a location where clients felt secure and reliable. The fitness industry, at times, can be intimidating for people that are not as active as they should be. Svet and his team wanted to make fitness training accessible to those who did not want to or could not physically go to the gym. This philosophy is how the company was born. Now it continues to grow nationwide.

Svetness prides of its discrete, effective, and practical approach to fitness coaching. Finding time to exercise and starting the journey to fitness can be difficult. That is why their team meets each client halfway, at their doorstep, to be exact. Signing up on their program means gaining the support of a friendly, caring, and dedicated personal trainer. The trainer takes the time to know each client to formulate customized workout and fitness plans catered to the client's objectives-no more worrying about waiting or spending time queueing. Clients are also saved from the embarrassment of working out in front of strangers in a shared gym. Svetness assures of unparalleled, results-driven in-home personal training, education, and nutritional counseling in the privacy of one's home.

Svetness, as a whole body and lifestyle wellness company, brings the personal touch to the exercise. Their services are available for individuals, couples, neighbors in an apartment, and even office co-workers. Their coaches attend to overall fitness through diet and training based on the individual's needs, goals, and level of fitness. Part of their goal is to meet the demands of clients in conjunction with in-home personal training.

So far, they have evolved their platforms by having a live stream. This feature is not on-demand video coaching but real-time feed where clients can ask questions during the workout session. This feature also applies to group fitness classes such as Yoga, Zumba, Meditation, Barre, Bootcamp, among others.

Their in-home personal training, education, and nutritional counseling continues to produce unparalleled results. To sign up through for their services on offer, visit their website, call 800-783-8637 or send an email to info@svetness.com.

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