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Exclusive: Fotonica Launches DLED System For Cannabis

Javier Hasse

Israel-based Fotonica is launching EVA3, a sytem that utilizes a unique DLED — dynamic LED — technology that enables cannabis growers to enact specific light recipes to enhance crop yield biomass and quality while reducing energy consumption.

To put it in plain English, traditional horticultural lighting provides a fixed light spectrum and intensity. Fotonica’s EVA 3 instead tunes light parameters to meet the changing requirements of different plant stages and various strains.

About The Company

Leveraging their knowledge of plant biology and lighting, the team at Fotonica developed and patented a ‌bio-illumination lighting system that optimizes the growth of cannabis, green leaves, vegetables and ornamentals while providing real-time data and analytics that ensure maximum crop control and profitability.

“Fotonica is at the intersection of quantum physics, biology and computer sciences. Our technological inventions revolutionize the efficacy of the transition between light energy and biological materials. Our goal is to achieve the optimal growth, regardless of environmental conditions, wherever there is light energy, on and off the plant,” said Gennadiy Berinsky, Fotonica’s co-founder and CTO.

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It's In The Airflow

The team said EVA’s smooth surface bars are designed to avoid any interference with airflow and to allow for easy cleaning.

The heat produced by the LED system is discharged through an active cooling system occupied with convertible filters to avoid any clogging. The system also includes integrated sensors that monitor functionality and alert growers in case of required maintenance.

EVA 3 has big data analysis capabilities that include image analysis for early and accurate detection of plant malfunctions such as pathogens; irrigation quality; and plant nutritional deficiencies.

On the software front, Fotonica’s Command & Control software allows growers to manage an unlimited number of units across different geographies through wireless and bluetooth connectivity.

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